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New Rules for Family Class Spousal Sponsorship

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Canada has a longstanding commitment to family values. This commitment is reflected in the government’s ongoing efforts to keep immigrant families together whenever possible. >>Read More…



5 thoughts on “New Rules for Family Class Spousal Sponsorship

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    I have canadian pr . I am living in canada from last three years only.if i get married in india how long will it take to sponser my it true that if i am
    Divorced before and its been three years i have been living in
    canada , will it take two more years for me to sponser my spouse
    please put some light on my doubt.

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    baseer ahmad

    i really want to canada me my family

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    I really want to visit Canada with my Wife!!!

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    Item number 2, two years legitimate relationship can only target those who marry someone in Canada and leave him/her right away. It has may issues with it.
    First, Those want to abus ethe system can sytay for two years and go. This will not stop any fraud
    more importantly is the exeptions for the abusive relationship. In evey family court matter there is an allegation of abuse, sometime resulted with Police arrested the spouse with no proof. does it mean that abuse has happened? while the case is in family court the judges typical do not care abot sucha llegations as it is a criminal nature matter. In criminal court there should eb stronge proof of such an allegation. With broad definition of abuse in Canada, how Mr. Kenney is going to eforce this. How immigration will be involved and how they will make sure that the allegation is a fact of accusation? This is a simplistic view of the spouse sponsorship and proves that the ministry of immigration and government of Canada have no idea what they are doing and talking about. Going forward an sponsor will be able to abuse teh sponsored and deport her/him if desires and the abused should keep quiet. There will be a big issues involving teh violation of people’s rights as the result of irresponsible and decisions being announced on weekly basis by Immigration minister. The frequency of this decisons tells us that there is no study or background work is done to make such decisions and Mr. Kenney has turned the immigration system to his personal domain running with his emotions, personal trends and political bias.

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    ahmed shaikh

    i would like to visit canada. how can i get the visa

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