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Super Visa Helps Parents and Grandparents Come to Canada

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The number of immigrants in Canada is at an all time high, and sustained immigration efforts mean that this number will only continue to grow. In fact, data from the most recent census shows that about 1 in every 5 Canadian residents were born outside of Canada. >>Read more…



8 thoughts on “Super Visa Helps Parents and Grandparents Come to Canada

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    Spectacular work and I want too help that peoples who wants to come in Canada.

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    I have my son born in Canada and now is 8 years of age i want to know do i qualify for Canada super visa??
    Please help in this regard

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    Carlos Julian

    The supervisa for parent and grandparent is good because if the applicant can meet all the rquirements, they can be issued the visa promptly. The downside however is that the program tends to favor those who have the financial capability. First, the low income requirement on the sponsor is not really that low. Many planning to be sponsoring immigrants are most likely will not hurdle the limit because they are new and are just establishing themselves in Canada. Secondly, the medical insurance is extremely dear. And worst of all the validity of the insurance is set at one year regardless of whether the visitor intends to stay for only a month.

    And the most discouraging thing about this program is the fact that parents can not work. This means they have to bring with them tons of money so they will not become financial burden to their children. Of course, it is only a visitor’s visa. But many parents are still young who are professionals and skilled and who would like to try a new career in Canada. That will not happen under this visa program. Instead, what they can do is take lots of money and enjoy an early retirement vacation or help their children bring their kids to school. Not a bad chore at all but it would have been more meaningful if at least the parents are given temporary work permits so they can find out they have a chance earning a living in Canada or it would be preferable they stay home in their country.

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    waqas alam

    i like canada

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    hello sir,i want ask simple,canada goverment they want people from out of country becouse they want help people or they need more population?thank you,

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    Osuman Kiazolu

    I previously applied but the fees attached to this prgram is too high.How do i go about to procee?

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    umar jan

    i have want to help the older people of canda

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    umar jan

    i want to help my older my grend fathers and grend mother

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