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Canadian Immigration News Briefs for May 2013

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The following is a summary of developments concerning Canadian Citizenship and Immigration that took place or were announced over the last two weeks.

Number of US Visitors to Canada is Increasing

The number of US visitors to Canada appears to be on the rise, according to figures from Statistics Canada. >>Read more…

Canadian Court Dismisses BC Temporary Worker Case

The Federal Court of Canada has dismissed a case centered on a British Columbia company’s hiring of 201 Chinese miners. >>Read more…

Canada Courts Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is visiting Silicon Valley to push the government’s newest business immigration program, the Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa. >>Read more…



10 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration News Briefs for May 2013

  1. Avatar
    Ricardo Laureano Fonseca Coelho

    I’m working in canada with a work visa for 2 years wen can I do my application to be citizenship, I’m in canada 5 months with my wife and kids can I start doing the papers now ?

  2. Avatar

    I want to become a Canadian citizen. I work remotely for a company here in the US. Can I bring my job with me until I find a job in Canada?

  3. Avatar

    please how i get started with my ambition to live and work in Canada with my family?

  4. Avatar
    Tanya H


    We are wanting to apply for immigration under the 2013 FSW (NOC) but are still awaiting education credentials to be evaluated and returned. How would we know if the maximum capacity has been reached before we send in our application?

  5. Avatar

    i like to live and work in canada with family

  6. Avatar

    i m from syria and i am afraid on my life and my famiely life
    i want to resort to canada

  7. Avatar
    margaret kyomukama

    i am a ugandan would like to live and work in canada with my family is it possible

  8. Avatar
    Abdur rouf

    Hi David,
    Good morning. How are you? I’m from Bangladesh. How could I go to Canada? How can I got a Work or immigration visa?
    Thank you.

  9. Avatar
    gentjan dervishi

    I want to live and work I canada with my family

  10. Avatar
    Jay Ranabhat

    Hi david,
    I jaya from nepal currently study and working as part time in london UK since 2006 to till present.i have finished my advance diploma bisiness managent level and some health and social care level 3.and I have 7 years health care assistant job experience in question is how can I apply for work permit to the canada, am I qulified for work permit? What post work permit is suitable job for me? And is that truth canadian gpverment stopped workpermit at this moment? Yes or no please give me right advice I will appreciate.thanks jaya

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