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David’s Blog: Hurry Up and Wait

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Most readers are far too young to identify with the expression “hurry up and wait”. This expression dates back to the 1940’s and was used to describe the non-combat daily lives of infantrymen during World War II. Nowadays, the same expression applies to preparing for the Canadian immigration process. >>Read More…



5 thoughts on “David’s Blog: Hurry Up and Wait

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    Bokpe alfred antonin

    Je vous en prie que je ne compreds pas l’anglais.Je parle le français et l’italien.J’aimerais recevoir les informations possibles de mr Davids en français .Merci

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    M hussain balooch

    i want to live in Canada because here is my life in danger i have worked as reporter with Canadian in Kandahar Afghanistan PRT this is the cause i can not live in Afghanistan

  3. Avatar

    I need government agents contact who can provide guide for family sponsorship.

  4. Avatar
    Harinder Saini

    Hello David,
    I had applied for migration in 2004,still waiting for medicals form Canadian high commission New delhi.Please let me know Why my case was not processed further.


  5. Avatar

    hello Q How can I get a visa and work I’m working programmer and maintenance of computers and Internet lines all Offs programs and program of Jesse cyme Can you get a visa to Canada and live there and work again, I have all the skills that were in computers and maintenance of Internet lines and all programs Offs and all and all the skills in the construction and maintenance of cars

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