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Canadian Immigration News Briefs for Mid-July 2013

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The following is a summary of developments concerning Canadian Citizenship and Immigration that took place or were announced over the last two weeks. 

Former Ambassador Named New Citizenship and Immigration Minister

Chris Alexander, the former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan, was appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper today as Canada’s new Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. >>Read more…

Quebec Announces New Immigration Rules 

The Government of Quebec announced today major changes to its immigration programs. >>Read more…

Alberta Premier Wants More Temporary Workers to Help with Flood Rebuilding

Alberta Premier Redford has stated that she plans to speak with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper about bringing in more temporary workers to help with reconstruction in the wake of widespread flooding throughout the province. >>Read more…

Canada Announces Plans to Resettle Syrian Refugees 

The Government of Canada has pledged to resettle 1,300 Syrian refugees by the end of 2014, according to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. >>Read more…

Two Announcements: Alberta Flooding, Canadian Embassy in Egypt

Special measures for residents affected by permanent flooding, Canadian embassy in Egypt closed temporarily >>Read more…



5 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration News Briefs for Mid-July 2013

  1. shahzad

    i send u my parents and grand perants documents as soon as possible.

  2. To Adelaida M. Ilao.

    I think it’s because all refugees are an extreme case especially when one is considered in danger, etc. Whereas all other applicants rather a long term process. Now as you said regular applicants posses skills, experience, and a willingness to strive in what they do the refugees do not need to. Therefore, it may seems to bring there rest of immigrants under a bad umbrella as a poor and an uneducated criminal crowd. Which immigrants are not. Refugees just a mandatory part for Canada to play a vital role in the world activities (I think). In either case, refugees are also subjected to a thorough case by case torture. Rus.

  3. James Dims Ogbu

    when will Quebec announces their occupational list?and what field do we expect

  4. Adelaida M. Ilao

    As a Canadian Citizen for 43 years in Canada, got married, have children and grandchildren
    all living in Canada,my two children are married being productive in this country, my
    older grandchildren going to Ottawa to become a French Teacher, my question is why
    Canada keeps getting refugee, while people with education was having a hard time applying
    going thru the right system, while Canada spending too much money to this refugee some
    of them have hidden criminals record.
    I have a grand daughter, a Nurse, been in S.Arabia and Jordan, now in the Philippines studying French, applying to immigrate in Canada, Immigration is asking her too many doc.
    why the government was still giving her hard time. Is there anything Canadian Immigration
    can do to her to make her case faster. She submitted so many required documents, what
    else she should do. Appreciate your comments.

  5. eduard

    i like helping you in Cananda, i hope i’ll be one of the 24 occupations.

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