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Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

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Every month, Attorney David Cohen will answer a few general Canadian immigration questions submitted by our readers. Here are this month’s questions and answers:

What are CAIPS notes? How can I request them?

CAIPS notes usually refers to the information that Canadian Visa Officers store in their files in relation to their evaluation of immigration applications. Canadian residents are entitled to obtain copies of this information under the Access to Information laws of Canada. If you are a foreign national residing outside Canada, you will need to authorize a Canadian representative to make an Access to Information request from the Government of Canada. Please contact Campbell Cohen if you need assistance with obtaining a copy of the notes relating to your Immigration File under the Access to Information laws of Canada.

Quebec now awards points for reading and writing. I have already received French test results, but they are only for speaking and listening. Am I required to retake a test?

You may submit only your speaking and listening test results, but you will not be awarded reading and writing points based on these results. The new regulations issued by Immigration Quebec now awards points for reading and writing skills in both English and French. You are required to submit test results from approved testing organizations in order to be awarded points for language proficiency. For more information about French language testing, please consult the French language testing page on

If I am waiting for the results of my permanent residency application, can I come visit friends in Canada? Is there anything special I need to do in this situation?

You are allowed to visit Canada while an application for permanent residence is pending. However, Canadian Immigration Officers will only admit you as a visitor if they are convinced that the visit is temporary and that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit. Please consult the “dual intent” page on for more information. Depending on your country of citizenship, you may need to apply for a visitor visa prior to visiting Canada.

I know that dual citizenship exists. Is there such a thing as dual permanent residency?

Permanent residence is defined differently by different countries. In Canada, a permanent resident is a foreign citizen who is entitled to live and work in Canada without any restrictions. Canadian Immigration laws require a permanent resident to accumulate 2 years of residency days out of 5 years to retain their permanent resident status. Please consult “residency obligations” on for more information.

It is, therefore, possible under Canadian laws for an individual to be a permanent resident of Canada while holding residential status in another country. However, there are other countries that impose restrictions on dual residential status.

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10 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

  1. April Reza

    My husband applied for immigration in Canada. So it is under process now. I just want to ask if it is allow to travel in our own country while our application is under process, or shall we need to wait the result first if we are pass or fail before travelling.
    Please I need an answer so that we can plan to go home. I will really appreciate for the immediately response.
    Thank in advance.


  2. Santosh Babu


    I am applying for Canada pr and falling short of points.
    I want to improve my score and for that I don’t mind visiting Canada on visiting visa.
    How many points do I get if I visit once.
    Please respond.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Santosh Babu D

  3. anaswar

    Hello Sir,
    I am from Edmonton and is on an open work permit which expires on April 2014. I have applied for AINP and have received my file number. Now that they have changed the processing time for AINP to 6 months, I will receive my AINP only by May 2014. My visa expires on April. What shall I do to be able to extend my work permit? Can I apply for a bridging open work permit with my AINP file number?

  4. Qadeer Ahmad

    Dear sir, i had applied for canadian immigration in 2007,the cases have been teminated by the canadian government…my fee still has not been returned….till when will i receive it or are there still any chances that these cases may be considered for processing as the new minister of immigration has took the charge and he has some different point of view aout such cases?

  5. amandeep kaur

    i and my spouse have applied for quebec skilled workers in may 2013 till now i have not get my file number. tell me where is my file?

  6. Ricardo T

    My parents are already here in Canada, they came many times before to visit as, but now we want them to stay here. They are in their eighties, and they need our assistance. Could you give me some suggestions on how to proceed in this case.



  7. Ghassan

    I have an american green card so if I immigrate to canada and get PR canadian card can I keep both canadian an american green card or I will lose my american green card?

  8. Ayoola Rasaq

    My spouse and I want to apply for immigration to Canada. Based on our assessments, we are both eligible to apply to our chosen program. How should we decide who will be the principle applicant?

  9. Mutasem Abu Zeid

    I am outside of canada. My PR expired back in January. And I couldn’t renew it I didn’t meet the 700 days stay in… Now May wife and boys (2) are living in Canada. I have a house. Last time I saw my wife and kids was June 2012. Now I miss my family. How can I visit them ?? Normal visa means I have to surrounded my status. Which I prefere not to… Is ther other way for me to see my family without surrounding my PR?

    My boy graduated from high school I couldn’t attend their graduation. Now they will start. University. I am still away from them. Pls help

  10. gary vergel de dios

    i am a retired canadian citizen & a widower. my old age pension is in the process. i don’t have any asset nor income, save for the survivor’s benefit. i have a common-law partner in asia, where i live half a year annually.
    my partner is a real estate / life insurance salesperson. she makes good money but is not paying income tax, a common practice back there.
    i would like to sponsor her so she can be with me whenever i go to canada, and so she can be with me come the time i need constant care.
    my fear is that it may not be approve for lack of income. she says she will file income tax for this year. i have not sponsored anyone before. i have not received financial support from the government. i have not been convicted of a crime.
    there are many people who would like to sponsor a partner but fear that the application will not prosper due to income deficiency.
    please kindly address my concern. appreciate you opinion.



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