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David’s Blog: Let the Court Decide

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I thank my colleague and good friend Mario Bellissimo for bringing the following quotes to my attention.

“…That is a principle of Canadian law that is sacrosanct…you can’t revise things retroactively.”

You may be surprised to learn that the above words were uttered by Chris Alexander, then a backbench Member of Parliament and now the newly appointed Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. >>Read More…



One thought on “David’s Blog: Let the Court Decide

  1. Emerald Fabie

    Dear sir,

    I have a few inquiries about my partners application.
    She was denied on her Taurist application and ask to go home soon,
    And stated that I can’t sponsor her to be my common law partner due that I don’t include her on my dependant application before I become a PR, but we’re leaving together since 2011 up to present. In don’t include her becouse we don’t go to rigid try to make our relationship notariZe by the registry. And we shared common bill house and bank. ?
    Is there any way that I can sponsor her!?

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