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CanadaVisa Social: Spring Is In The Air

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CanadaVisa is dedicated to helping individuals from across the globe to come to Canada. One of the most effective ways to get our message to prospective immigrants is through CanadaVisa Social.

As the Spring season spreads gradually across the beautiful land of Canada, bringing with it warmer weather and blossoming flowers, many newcomers are seeing Canada in all its glory for the first time.

Many others around the world will be making the resolution that this will be the year they finally immigrate to Canada, and the CanadaVisa Social Team will be with you every step of the way.  We pride ourselves on providing breaking news and opinion on anything and everything relating to Canadian immigration and employment news. We keep our followers informed and share inspiring stories about Canada and Canada’s immigrant community. Interacting with our community helps us understand the concerns and needs of everyone interested in Canadian immigration, and allows us to create the best content and most engaging discussion possible.


The CanadaVisa YouTube channel is where you will find regular and up-to-date multimedia content on topics relating to Canadian immigration. We want to hear from you and read your comments — it helps us to provide the content that you want!

Watch one of our recent videos on the Express Entry immigration selection system, and let us know what you think.


CanadaVisa’s Facebook page is becoming increasingly popular — we recently reached the 150,000 likes mark! We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of our current followers, and encourage anyone not currently following us to join to conversation. Our daily updates on immigration news, stories of success, and articles from our newsletter give our followers all the information they could wish for. Our Facebook community gets involved in a range of discussions on all things Canada. Like us today and join the conversation.


CanadaVisa’s Twitter page is the place to go to find out the latest Canadian immigration news. Whether it is breaking news, an interesting story, or a cool video fact about Canada, you will find it here first. Feel free to tweet us — we will get back to you.


If you are a user of LinkedIn, make sure to connect with CanadaVisa on our profile page. If you would like to connect with Attorney David Cohen professionally, you may also find him on LinkedIn, where you will also encounter hundreds of Canadian and international professionals interested in immigration to Canada.


CanadaVisa’s Google+ page is the latest addition to our social hubs. We share our exclusive content here, as well as across all our social media channels. Check us out, and bookmark CanadaVisa today.

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6 thoughts on “CanadaVisa Social: Spring Is In The Air

  1. Avatar
    Osayi Edugie

    Please I am engineer with a 4years experience, am interested in emigrating to Canada please I need your help on how go about it.

  2. Avatar
    Francis nwachukwu

    I will love to be in do I get started.. pls help me.. thanks and God bless

  3. Avatar
    Boonyamin Kareem

    Good-day, me and my spouse have met the minimum requirement but the total score is 320 and we are already in the pool. is there a hope for us or what can we do.

  4. Avatar

    I love Canada and wish I will have a way to contrbute for her economy. I have found difficult in getting the CanadaVisa but wish this will favour me. I have heard much about Canada and her contributions to humanity. God Almighty will not fail to make your more blossomed. Canada is a hospitable country who believe in touching the lives of people. So Like the country not in fallacy of flattery but in fact and truth.

  5. Avatar

    Why aren’t individuals who have already submitted the package in the business category of self employed considered in the fast track express entry programme ,why is the wait so long

  6. Avatar
    kadar osman chirdon

    j veux travail a candan mai aide moi j sus chômeur

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