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Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

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Every month, Attorney David Cohen will answer a few general Canadian immigration questions submitted by our readers. These questions cover immigration programs, eligibility, processing, language requirements, investing in Canada, landing, admissibility, studying in Canada, working in Canada, and much more.

Here are this month’s questions and answers.

1. My spouse is a permanent resident of Canada, but currently resides in India. Can he sponsor me for permanent residence without being employed and while staying with me in India?

The Family Class category of Canadian immigration allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner. However, if the sponsor is not a Canadian citizen (i.e. if he or she is a Canadian permanent resident), he or she must be ordinarily residing in Canada. A permanent resident living outside Canada who wishes to sponsor a spouse or common-law partner may have the option of either returning to Canada to live or obtaining Canadian citizenship, if eligible, before submitting an application under the Family Class.

2. Greetings, it’s a pleasure to write to you. I wish to ask if Canada has a Green Card lottery, similar to the United States.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa program, also known as the Green Card lottery, is a lottery program for receiving a U.S. Permanent Resident Card. Canada has no such program. Indeed, there is no such thing as a Green Card for the purposes of Canadian permanent residence. Permanent residents of Canada have the right to a Canada Permanent Resident Card as proof of their status in Canada.

Though Canada has no lottery for permanent resident status, the government of Canada operates a selection system known as Express Entry. The main similarity between Express Entry and the Green Card lottery is that candidates make an Expression of Interest in immigrating, and then enter a pool along with other candidates. With Express Entry, however, candidates are ranked according to human capital, skills transferability, and economic factors. Candidates may then be selected from the pool on a priority basis, rather than at random, at regular draws from the pool. In addition, Express Entry is open to eligible citizens from all countries. Applicants to the Green Card lottery, on the other hand, are at the whim of a program that only allows candidates from certain countries to enter, and that’s before the randomness of the draw itself is taken into account.

3. Dear Sir, I wish to immigrate to Canada. However, for my Educational Credential Assessment, my university is not providing transcripts, nor do they respond to emails and phone calls. How can I proceed further?

Candidates for immigration to Canada who wish to obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), either for eligibility reasons or for the purposes of being awarded points under a ranking system, are required to get their educational institution, such as a university, to cooperate. World Education Services (WES), for example, asks for direct submission of transcripts and/or diplomas, degrees, and certificates from the institution, not from the applicant. Individuals who, for whatever reason, are finding that their institution is not cooperating with their requests, are encouraged to contact a qualified ECA supplier (such as WES) for further instructions.

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50 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

  1. Avatar

    Hi I just received my AINP nomination going to apply for PR in January,2017. My IELTS is going to expire in March 2017. Should I have to take another test or right now they will accept my file if they receive before March 2017.

  2. Avatar

    how much is required to process my application for work and live in canada?

    2. secondly how much is epected to be in my account, after processing my visa and before immigration to canada?

    3. can i get a sponsor?

    4. can you get me employed before hand

    thank you for this avenue

  3. Avatar

    I have done my 3 years of Diploma in nursing from india after my 10+2 education
    Why WES does not consider, My result they state as 3 years of hospital study and training and not as diploma then what is it? Where in some cases some diplomas of 2 years in other countries have been considered as diploma by WES, so I’m wondering why 3 years won’t be considered as diploma.

    So how many years of hospital study and training would they consider as diploma? 4? Whereas 4 years of Bsc is considered 4 years of Bsc by WES. This is unfair if you ask me,
    can you please help what went wrong

  4. Avatar
    Brenda Werth

    Can I Change employers (my employer is my sponsor) over the course of my Canadian immigration process?

  5. Avatar

    Me and my girl friend arrived as a student visa in Canada . Now v have a question that can v go for spouse visa and 1 of us go for dependent and if yes then the person who is in dependent ( work visa ) can liable to take a study visa in future after his or her partner study visa completed ?

  6. Avatar
    Ria K

    Hello Sir,

    I have completed 12 years of High school study and 3 years of General Nursing and Midwifery. Along with 1 yr Post Grad Diploma in Hosp Management.

    I heard that GNM is now not recognized for skilled workers program. Please let me know if I am eligible to apply for the work permit.

    Ria K

  7. Avatar
    Parth Thakkar

    Dear Sir,

    I had done my educational credential assessment through WES to apply for Express Entry. Now when I am trying to apply for Quebec Selection Certificae through Mon Project Quebec, it is asking which organization has done my ECA. Under the drop-down list there is no option of WES. Can you please advice me whether I will be eligible to get the points for my Education? Can WES certificate be considered valid for Quebec Selection Certificate?

    Parth Thakkar

  8. Avatar
    Pierre Rubabaza

    Question about the term of citizenship promised by primer minister Justin Trudeau

    As a promise, he said that the term of citizenship as a permenant resident will return as they were before the change means that years lived in Canada before getting your permanent residents will count as if one day will count as a half a day!
    I was wondering if that will be applied in the change.
    Thank you

  9. Avatar

    I would like to know the steps for Permanent residency from India.Also wanted to know what exactly is this express entry.
    Do we need to have any sponsors back in Canada to apply for PR.

  10. Avatar

    Hello sir David.i am from Afg but i live in iran with myfamily.i want go to canada unfortunatily
    We havent enough educated is biologist but i cant go to university.we havent good life in iran.what you think through we can go to canada?? I have need ur guide please.

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