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David’s Blog: The Cream of the Crop

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When the previous government of Canada was pitching the benefits that the new Express Entry immigration selection system would bring, the phrase ‘attracting the cream of the crop’ was heard often. As Conservative Ministers criss-crossed the country, reassuring stakeholders about the new system, this particular line was trotted out time and again.

Little did we know, we should have taken it literally. >>Read more . . .

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One thought on “David’s Blog: The Cream of the Crop

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    Professional NOC

    In addition to University Graduates in Canada, it will be fair to award extra points to those admitted as a Professional with a provincial Regulatory Body in Canada because these people admitted as Professional have to work very hard, considering the hard exams and strict requirements to comply with (say, stressful exams at provincial Congress Centres, ethical exams, duties, good character requirement, amongst others) and also for the tie they developed by the fact that they got registered as a Professional in a particular Canadian Province.

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