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David’s Blog: Filipino Families Feeling the Pinch

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A couple of recent cases have highlighted some heartbreaking situations with respect to the Caregiver Program (formerly the Live-in Caregiver Program). Families trying to hire overseas caregivers are frustrated at having to pay $1,000 along with the application and wait months for a response, only to have the application rejected by visa officers who don’t believe the person will leave Canada at the end of the work term.

It’s a sad situation.

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One thought on “David’s Blog: Filipino Families Feeling the Pinch

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    beenish faiz

    Dear Sir,
    I have read the new act which is to be passed by july 1 probably but couldnt understand some of the points correctly .As iam a dental graduate and in a dental practice for about 8 years and therefore,very much interested to come to canada for settlement along with my husband with my parents and my sister who are already settled in Canada .i would be really grateful to you if you help me get through it .Not to forget i have already filled out an assesment form on your site ,but if you could further help me understand the act of immigration for denists further and whether iam eligible .Thank you
    Yours’ Sincerely,
    Dr.Beenish Faiz

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