2 thoughts on “David’s Blog: Time to rethink family relationships

  1. Yosief Ukubalidet

    Dear Attorney David Cohen,

    to begin with, I am impressed with the amount of knowledge you have on Canadian Immigration issues and updates; I am also thankful for your kindness to share such a priceless knowledge with the public.

    My Question, which I always asked myself and unable to find an answer is about the group of 5 Refugee sponsorship program:

    1, I am a single person netting about $60,000 a year working for the provincial government, I asked if I could sponsor a refugee all by myself as I have more than the required amount of income to support the Refugees. However, I was told that I can’t, therefore, I was forced to beg people, to explain and convince them to give me their personal information and sign a financial commitment. What can you say about all this hardships CIC is excreting on poor Refugees and Canadian families trying to help their loved ones in the various refugee camps across the globe?

    Thank you in advance for your wise information

    Kind Regards,


  2. mohamed A

    l need a help from the canada government

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