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David’s Blog: Pride and Prejudice

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On a steamy hot day last Sunday in downtown Toronto, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined thousands of others and marched — well, more like strolled and danced — in the annual Pride parade. It was a historic moment, the first time a sitting Prime Minister joined in the parade.

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2 thoughts on “David’s Blog: Pride and Prejudice

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    Marina Chernozem

    I came to Canada from Moscow on Oct. 10th 2015 to visit my son. In a family matter I had to stay till Aug 23 2016. I’ve sent to CIC my doc’s with a copy of my air ticket dd Aug. 23.2016 for visa extension. On July 20 I’ve rcv’d an email asking for my medical exam. As you can see I do not have time to do so. I’m planning to come back by the end of 2016 and. Wondering if it’s a must and won’t create any problems for my next visit.
    My multiple visa is open till 2021.
    Thank you very much,
    Regards, Marina Chernozem.
    PS : I would really appreciate your advice in my situation.

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    My wife,barbara and I arrived from England as landed immigrants in May 2000. We are now 81and82 years of age, we feel now because of the way we have helped in so many ways we think out of respect is to become Canadian.

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