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David’s Blog: A solution in search of a problem

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Certain federal and provincial opposition politicians in Canada have come out with fresh ideas on immigration over the past few weeks. First, federal Conservative Party leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch attracted attention with a proposal to screen would-be newcomers to Canada for “anti-Canadian values.” Then, in Quebec, Coalition Avenir Québec leader François Legault held a press conference in which he called for a massive reduction in the province’s annual immigration intake. [Read more . . .]

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3 thoughts on “David’s Blog: A solution in search of a problem

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    If I have completed Teacher Education Programme in English medium from INDIA , am I exempted from language proficiency (IELTS) for registration as a teacher from Ontario College of Teacher? If I would be granted teacher registration,is there any chance for immigration to Canada or nomination? I am 44 year old at present.Please advice for immigration.

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    Kamal Adhikari

    Hi this is Kamal adhikari from Nepal and now iam currently living in Malaysia for my hotel management course .I want to transfer my college in Canada to uplift my education level as well as economic level.please if you have any suggestions for my question don’t hesitate to write me an email.Thank you so much.

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    adil khan

    I have done after tha i m working in a private firm . So i wanf to apply for canadian visa so what i do for .

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