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David’s Blog: Patience is wearing thin on C-6

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Earlier this year, on June 17, an Act to amend the Citizenship Act passed the House of Commons in Ottawa. This eagerly-awaiting piece of legislation is known as Bill C-6.

Among the proposed amendments in C-6 is a reduction in the amount of time permanent residents have to live in Canada in order to become eligible to apply for citizenship, from four out of six years to three out of five years. In addition, applicants who spent time in Canada on temporary status — such as on a work or study permit — would be able to count a portion of this time towards the three-year requirement. The amendments would also repeal the intent to reside provision and remove language proficiency requirements for certain applicants. [Read more . . .]

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8 thoughts on “David’s Blog: Patience is wearing thin on C-6

  1. Avatar

    I believe the promise that the liberal made before taking the power was not fulfilled. I’m totally disappointed.The senators just playing with it. Liberal senators are not strongly united and the conservatives senators are strong united opponents. Nobody even care how hard is hopelessly waiting for whatever. I do not foresee any improvement as long as people like Mrs. Omidvar is sponsoring the Bill C6. She wants to help by just talking not taking any strong action. I believe this bill will never become a law soon. We better be thinking of 4/6 rule imposed by previous legislative who made all of us suffer a lot from their injustice decision.

  2. Avatar

    As usual, politicians letting down the people who voted for them. Watch when it’s election time for this to become an issue again and they will promise to make this a priority. Forget it? Not gonna happen.

  3. Avatar

    Just wanted to know about any update on Bill C-6. Any idea when is it going to be pass by the Senate and become a law. Thanks in advance.

  4. Avatar

    Waiting for bill c-6 to apply for my citizenship hopefully the liberals will keep that promise and make it impossible for any politician to make some Canadian second class citizens

  5. Avatar
    MH Shibly

    Under Bill C-6, a permanent resident will be able to apply for citizenship if spends 3 years out of 5 years physically in Canada. My question is if someone who’s a PR keeps away from Canada for the first 2 years but physically stay during the last 3 years in a given 5 year period, can this person submit application for citizenship?

    My second question, Bill C-6 has not yet been approved by Senate and more likely take couple of more months to get approved. If someone is already a PR now say from January 1st, 2017 and if this person stays physically next 3 years in Canada till end of 2019, will it be possible for this person to apply for citizenship on 1st January, 2020?

  6. Avatar

    it is as good as completing 4 years out of 6 with that much of a wait 🙁

  7. Avatar

    The latest news is that this bill is in the Senate for the second reading and will be sent to the committee for suggested amendments before it is again discussed in the Senate. If it manages to go through, still more changes can be added to it when it is read the third time in the Senate. Canadian residents may have to wait another 8 to 12 months before it receives final approval

  8. Avatar
    Mohamed sheta

    Please I need to know if the C-6
    Is already approved in June 17/2016
    Or still not
    Thanks a lot
    Mohamed sheta

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