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Published: December 21, 2016

newsletter-logo-imgThe Campbell Cohen Immigration Network is excited to announce the launch of Canada Study News, a monthly newsletter dedicated to the Canadian education scene. A world of opportunities is available to international students and those considering studying in Canada, and now there is a news source where all these opportunities are brought into focus.

The monthly newsletter will feature breaking news about studying in Canada, as well as tips for students, parents, and recruiters. Every month, subscribers will receive the latest updates from the government, features on top institutions and cities, and advice from industry professionals direct to their inbox. From potential international students abroad, to current students considering their future options, to recruiters and industry professionals around the world, there is something for everyone.

The first newsletter email will be sent in January, 2017 — but there’s already lots to see in the meantime. Visit today and get a taste of what’s to come.

Why Canada?

Canada is one of the world’s top study destinations, and individuals around the world are increasingly recognizing everything this country has to offer students. Students choose Canada for its quality study programs, comparatively low tuition fees and living expenses, options to work during studies and after graduation, and an open, welcoming culture. There are also a number of options for permanent immigration after graduation, and the federal government has shown its commitment to improving these options.

More than 350,000 international students study in Canada annually, and this number is increasing — 2015 saw a growth of eight percent in the number of international students in Canada, compared to 2014. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) also issued 5.4 percent more study permits in 2015 than in 2014.

Canadian institutions are also recognizing the benefits of welcoming more international students. Many colleges and universities continue to develop internationalization programs, establishing links with colleges and universities worldwide. Educators know that international students enrich the classroom environment, bringing different perspectives and experiences to the table.

Pathway to Permanent Immigration

The government of Canada is stepping up its efforts to ease the immigration process for international students. Minister of Immigration John McCallum has called international students “the cream of the crop, in terms of future Canadians,” and many stakeholders agree. It is generally acknowledged across Canada that international students have the education, experience, and language skills to make them ideal candidates for immigration. Furthermore, these individuals have often lived in Canada for several years, making connections in the local community and settling into Canadian society.

In November, the government made good on its promise to improve immigration options for international students in Canada. After a major reform of the Express Entry system, international graduates of Canadian institutions may now benefit from additional points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for their Canadian educational credential. In addition, CRS points for arranged employment were reduced, in a move the government expects will lower the CRS cut-off point for issuing Invitations to Apply, thus leaving more room for international students.

Making the Most of Studying in Canada

Many international students in Canada do not intend to remain after their studies, and Canada Study News is equally aimed at these individuals, as well as those students who do wish to settle in Canada. It is crucial to make the most of the opportunities provided by a Canadian study program. Work placements, student groups and clubs, networking events, travel opportunities, and more can provide international students with a unique education that will ensure a rewarding career. Canadian colleges and universities recognize that they have a responsibility towards students from all countries to provide an education and experiences that will enrich economies and societies around the world, as graduates of Canadian institutions make use of their skills worldwide.

See Where Studying in Canada Can Take You . . .

“Individuals are increasingly taking note of the opportunities a Canadian education can provide, from world-class study programs to work experience and even permanent residence,” says Attorney David Cohen. “My team and I are keen to bring you the latest news and the information to help you in your goals, whether that be studying in Canada, or learning more about the education landscape of this country.

“Whether you are a current international student, a recruiter, an educational professional, a parent, or a potential student abroad, I hope you will join us in this exciting new venture.”

Sign up to Canada Study News for free and receive a monthly newsletter direct to your inbox.

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