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A group of students on a bench in summer A group of students on a bench in summer

New CanadaVisa Study Hub for International Students and Graduates in Canada

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The CanadaVisa Study HubA group of students on a bench in summer is a new online portal for international students in Canada and recent graduates working on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). The Study Hub links members with a wide range of tools and resources to help them make the most of their time in Canada, and start their pathway to permanent residence. Study Hub members also get exclusive access to a monthly scholarship worth $2,500!

Studying in Canada: A Pathway to Permanent Residence

International students and graduates are widely recognized as among the most desirable future immigrants. Former Minister of Immigration John McCallum once called them the “cream of the crop, in terms of future Canadians.” International graduates of Canadian institutions have already spent time in Canada, establishing roots and integrating into their local community.

Many international graduates speak multiple languages, and have obtained Canadian work experience. In addition, with a Canadian diploma or degree, graduates may find themselves qualified for a wide range of career options in Canada. Canadian universities and colleges achieve name recognition around the world, and are recognized for the quality of their teaching and research. These universities and colleges are active in their recruitment and support of international students, acknowledging that these individuals bring alternative perspectives and backgrounds that enrich classrooms.

The government of Canada supports international students in their efforts to become permanent residents after graduation from a Canadian study program. Recent changes to the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which took effect on November 19, 2016, awarded points to international graduates in the Express Entry pool for their Canadian educational credentials.

With support from the highest levels of government, in addition to support from the hosting institution, international students may confidently expect a warm welcome in Canada.

How the CanadaVisa Study Hub can help

Navigating the Canadian immigration system can be confusing at times. It is important, as an international student, to be vigilant, as certain deadlines for various applications are fixed. The Study Hub aims to demystify the process for international students and graduates, and to assist them with the transition from studying in Canada to settling permanently.

Members of the Study Hub get access to a wide range of customizable tools and resources to assist them in their goals of Canadian permanent residence. The personalized Status Tracker follows the user’s study or work permit status, and sends a notification when it is about to expire. Job search and coaching tools help students start building their dream career in Canada. Tailored advice is also available for students considering transferring, or pursuing further studies in Canada. The CanadaVisa School Search and School Match tools provide advice on the best institutions and study programs to pursue, depending on each individual’s education profile and goals. Most importantly, Study Hub members receive immigration news updates and notifications, helping them begin the transition to permanent residence.

The CanadaVisa Scholarship Contest

Members of the Study Hub can also get exclusive access to the CanadaVisa Scholarship Contest. Each month, one contestant can win $2,500. Entering is simple – just register an account on the Study Hub, enter some basic information, and you could be the next lucky winner.

To learn more about the Study Hub, view this short video:

If you are an international student in Canada, or a recent graduate working on a PGWP, join the Study Hub today.

To learn more about studying in Canada, visit our dedicated CanadaVisa Study section, or get in touch at

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    Hi Im a Filipino and my aunt and ucle and their children is living there. I would like to study there as well so I could work there. I would like to know how can I enroll in this education program. Please respond

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    Will the educational and ielts requirement for international students change by 2018?

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    Hi sir I want to know that is possible to get study visa of candna after graduation with 5.5band and two year study gap plz tell me soon as soon possible

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    Kiran aftab

    First of all I’m needy help me please I’m from Pakistan I’m not safe please help me I have complete my high school it’s request help me

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    Roshan Dheer

    Hi, My name is Roshan. I am 21 years old studying In India, Delhi. My sister is already living In Canada. I have wasted my 2 years in Delhi University pursuing B.Com. I want to take a good college in Canada and pursue my studies in Finance. I passed my 12th with 90% in 2013. Are there are hurdles as 4 years have passed and now if i approach universities for regular Courses related to commerce, finance showing my 12th marks ?

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