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New Record Low Express Entry Minimum CRS Requirement: 431

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conversation-canadaFor the fourth time this year, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has set a new record low point requirement for Express Entry candidates to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence. In the latest draw, which took place on April 5, candidates with 431 or more Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points received an ITA.

A total of 3,753 candidates received an ITA in this latest round of invitations.

The previous record low had been set in the March 1 draw, when candidates with 434 or more CRS points were invited. In the interim period since then, another draw took place with a CRS cut-off of 441 points, and IRCC then announced that it would implement some changes to the CRS as of this coming June.

crs 5 April

The latest decrease in the CRS requirement means that a wider range of candidates may submit an application. Accompanying family members may also be included on the application. While a decrease of just a few points may seem marginal, it means that an even greater range of candidates are in position to submit an application.

Take the following hypothetical scenarios as cases in point.

Abdul is 30 years old, has a Bachelor’s degree, and has never been to Canada. He has three years of work experience as a Computer Programmer. Abdul’s English proficiency is good, and he has scored an 8 in every section of his IELTS test (reading, speaking, writing and listening). His CRS score of 433 was sufficient to get him an ITA at the April 5 draw.

Rupa is 29, has a Bachelor’s degree, and has been working as an architect for three years. She is married to Dave, who is 27. He has one year of work experience, and also has a Bachelor’s degree. Both Rupa and Dave have an initial advanced proficiency in English and have only been to Canada to visit briefly. Rupa’s CRS score, as the principal applicant, would be 431.

Albert is 36 years old and is working in Canada. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Ontario and has been working for two years in finance, in Canada on a post-graduate work permit. Prior to coming to Canada as a student, he obtained three years of experience as a retail manager abroad. Albert has demonstrated an adequate intermediate proficiency in English, and his credentials allow him to be awarded a CRS score of 431.

Jay is 38 and has a Master’s degree. He has been working for six years as a management consultant. Jay has advanced English language proficiency and has never been to Canada. His CRS score would be 432.

ita 5 April

Continuing the positive trend

The April 5 draw is the first draw of the second quarter of 2017. It follows a remarkable first quarter, during which the number of ITAs issued increased dramatically over any other period in the history of Express Entry, which was first launched in January, 2015.

Earlier this week, Attorney David Cohen was quoted as saying that “if draw sizes remain relatively large . . . we may see lower CRS thresholds deeper into 2017.”

Following the April 5 draw, Attorney Cohen added that “it is clear that large draw sizes and decreasing CRS cut-off thresholds are linked. We can look forward to more invitations being issued through the second quarter of this year and beyond.”

A New CRS Calculator is Available

Readers can use the new and improved CRS Calculator to find out what their score would be under the existing system, as well as under the tweaked system due to come into force as of June 6.

To find out if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada permanently, fill out a free online assessment form.

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30 thoughts on “New Record Low Express Entry Minimum CRS Requirement: 431

  1. Avatar

    I have 403 crs points..just want to know how things gona proceed further?? I am looking forward to ontario.

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    Muhammad waqas

    I need Canada visa I complete metric in 2011 I’m from Pakistan now I’m studying in Belarus for Russian language.
    how to possible I come in Canada from Belarus
    I’m am very upset in Belarus

  3. Avatar
    mandeep kaur

    hello sir..
    i’m graduated in bpharmacy..i have 3 year experience as pharmacist in hospital…can i eligible for canada pr…if not…what i have to do to improve my CRS points…i got 6.5 band in ilets

  4. Avatar

    I was checking on the latest ITA’s and statistics on CIC website, not sure if I can make out of their statistics. They invited 3753 candidates but when I sum up their distribution on selection for 431 and above, it adds to 2610. Balance of 1143 candidates should have been selected from the pool of candidates from the point range 421 -430… Not sure where the gap was taken from

  5. Avatar
    Eldo Paulose

    Is it possible for my son who has just finished year 12 to come and study in Canada

  6. Avatar

    Why does the Canadian Givernment think that people above 40plus years cannot immigrate to Canada and work and do good for them

  7. Avatar

    Hi, i just got the Credential evaluation result for my second degree today, sadly i missed the April 5 invitations, i have updated the new Credential but my CRS has not changed, my present score is 412 and my second BSc should increase the score to 444. There’s no option for “Two or more degrees” on EE which is found on your CRS calculator so i just updated the ECA separately.

  8. Avatar
    Avtar Singh Saini

    I’m very very interested to work in Canada pls Help me

  9. Avatar
    Avtar Singh Saini

    I’m very very interested to work in Canada pls Help me

  10. Avatar
    haron suldan

    I want to immigrate to Canada and work and live in it. Please help. Please reply if we have a share in the field of iron welding.

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