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  1. My aim is to be vibrant civil engineering, so I will be grateful if application is granted. Thank you all

  2. It’s good news for those who have min.. score!!!……………………………..$

  3. Sir, I’m a semi car engine mechanic and repairs. I’m heard worker and turstworth.

  4. I want to emigrate together with my family to Canada. Permanent migration without return. I know that I have obtained a certificate of building fat. My family consists of my two year old son and my wife

  5. Is Management information system (NOC Code-2171 ) trade eligible under Tech only immigration in British Columbia

  6. Does that mean as of now only IT guys are invited in BC?

  7. Are 2171(NOC) and 2172 (NOC) applicable in Tech only Immigration of Brutish Council.

  8. Good,fair and satisfactory direct express entry assessment!