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The CanadaVisa Study Hub: Education as a pathway to permanent residence Helping international students plan their future in Canada

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Last week CanadaVisa launched the latest version of the Study Hub, a free online resource designed to help prospective students, current international students and recent graduates on a post-graduation work permit easily navigate Canada’s immigration system.

“We wanted to create a community of the brightest, most talented individuals who are dedicated to maximizing their chances of immigrating to Canada successfully and getting the most out of their time in Canada,” says Attorney Kara Crudo, who works closely with potential international students at the Campbell Cohen law firm.

“Members of the CanadaVisa Study Hub receive real-time notifications, immigration news and expert help, and can connect with others that share similar goals, allowing them to visualize and proactively prepare their study, work, and settlement pathway.”

The Study Hub is also home to the monthly CanadaVisa Scholarship Contest where one lucky winner has a chance at winning $500.

By joining the Study Hub, members:

  • Stay updated and informed
  • Understand the processes associated with a study permit application
  • Track their immigration status
  • Apply for a post-graduation work permit
  • Map out their pathway to permanent residence
  • Gain a clearer understanding of immigration options

What to expect inside the CanadaVisa Study Hub?

CanadaVisa Scholarship Contest: If you’re an international student or recent graduate in Canada, you can enter the monthly CanadaVisa Scholarship contest for a chance to win $500.

Status Checker: Keep track of your immigration status in Canada and receive personalized notifications when it is about to change.

Customizable News Feed: Receive timely study-related and immigration news inside the Study Hub that can be tailored to your interests so you’ll never miss an update.

Book a Consultation: Schedule a consultation with an immigration lawyer to receive personalized, expert advice to help you achieve your goals.

CanadaVisa School Search: Browse through hundreds of designated post-secondary learning institution profiles across Canada. You can now rate and review your experience at a school and read what others have to say about their experience, too!

Immigration Notifications: Find out when a Canadian immigration program changes or becomes available that may be relevant to you based on the details of your personal profile.

International Student Forum: Join the conversation and discuss your experience with other like-minded individuals who want to study or are currently studying in Canada.

Pathway to Canadian Immigration: Plan your pathway as an international student in Canada, from obtaining a study permit to settling as a permanent resident.

Canadian Job Search: Search the Study Hub’s interactive job bank for available jobs anywhere in Canada.

How studying in Canada can be a pathway to permanent residence

Canada recognizes international students and graduates as some of the most desirable future immigrants.

From changes to the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), including the introduction of additional CRS points for Canadian post-secondary education, to an easier pathway to citizenship, the Government of Canada is continuously introducing new ways to support international students in their efforts to gain permanent residence after graduation.

The Study Hub offers user-friendly and accessible tools to help provide a roadmap to permanent residence for international students, who may find the immigration process complicated and confusing.

Whether it is to gain temporary status or to transition to becoming a permanent resident in Canada, the Study Hub is readily available to help members with a step-by-step outline of what is required to make the transition and be prepared for any opportunity to realize their study and settlement goals.

Join the CanadaVisa Study Hub today!

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