How to get citizenship if your parent is Canadian

Mohanad Moetaz
Published: June 12, 2021

Canadian citizens can pass on citizenship to their children who were born overseas.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allows citizenship to be passed down to the first generation born outside of Canada.

If your parent is a Canadian, you may be eligible to apply for a Proof of Citizenship, also known as a Canadian citizenship certificate.

If you can get the certificate, you will benefit from the perks that come with being Canadian. Canada has one of the highest percentages of immigrants who obtain citizenship — and for good reason.

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Why become a citizen?

Citizenship gives people the opportunity to vote, enter politics and improves employment opportunities in Canada. Canadian citizens can also hold a passport. This makes it easier for them to travel to many countries without a visa, and makes it simpler to obtain travel visas when necessary.

In addition, Canadian law allows for dual or multiple citizenships. This means that you do not have to renounce your previous citizenship to obtain Canadian citizenship.

Citizens, like permanent residents, can also benefit from Canada’s universal healthcare coverage, access other social benefits and enjoy protection under Canadian law.

How can I get citizenship?

To obtain Canadian citizenship, you will need to submit your birth certificate that shows the name of your parent, issued by the government authority in the country you were born.

If your birth certificate does not show your parent’s name, you will need to provide your parent’s birth certificate or birth records that confirm the name of your parent at the time of birth. Examples of this could be pre-birth orders, court orders, surrogacy agreements or hospital records. You will also need to provide an explanation as to why your Canadian parent is not listed on your birth certificate, or why the birth certificate was changed or replaced. If you are not sure, explain why.

You will also need to provide proof that at least one parent was a Canadian citizen at the time of birth. This could be their birth certificate, citizenship document, or other evidence. You must also submit your photographs, an identity document such as a passport.

When you are submitting your documents, you must make sure that they are clear, easy-to-read and in colour.

Once you submit your completed application, IRCC will send an “acknowledgement of receipt.” If your application is incomplete, they will send it back to you and then you will be able to fill in the missing elements.

When IRCC are satisfied with your application, you will receive your citizenship certificate.

Contact the Law Firm of Campbell Cohen for assistance with Canadian citizenship

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