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    IRCC application backlog slowly shrinking despite higher number of applications
    Colourful autumn leaves on a country road.
    Canadian passport processing back to pre-pandemic service standards
    Muslim Woman smiling at the camera Holding Passport and Canadian Flag
    Canadians will soon be able to renew their passports online
    Muslim Woman smiling at the camera Holding Passport and Canadian Flag
    How can you be granted Canadian citizenship after becoming a permanent resident?
    Kids holding Canadian flag
    IRCC has processed all-time high 4.8 million applications in 2022
    IRCC has processed 4.8 million applications so far in 2022.
    How to become eligible for Canadian citizenship
    Canadian family
    How long do you need to stay in Canada to get citizenship?
    Canadian flag waving in the wind
    Canada aiming to open online citizenship applications for multiple adults in fall 2022
    Couple using a laptop at home
    Calculating citizenship eligibility for PRs who live in Canada but work in the U.S.
    Ambassador Bridge
    How Canada uses personal information collected at the border on immigration applications
    Roche Harbor - United States of America and Canada Flags Hang From the Dock
    How to calculate Canadian citizenship eligibility
    Canadian citizenship applicants with representatives can now apply online
    You can now submit proof of Canadian citizenship applications online
    Woman on computer
    How Canada’s electoral system works
    Ottawa skyline
    Election 2021: What Canada’s parties say about immigration
    Canada now accepts citizenship applications online
    hands typing on a keyboard
    What are the benefits of Canadian citizenship?
    Canadian flag
    Canada to amend citizenship oath and guide to include Indigenous people
    Aurora borealis in northern Canada
    How to get citizenship if your parent is Canadian
    Canada Citizenship application
    IRCC no longer automatically extending deadlines for incomplete immigration applications
    IRCC no longer automatically extending deadlines
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