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    Understanding and applying through specialized LMIA applications
    Two men in overalls in a factory, staring into the camera
    Ontario and Prince Edward Island hold draws for Provincial Nomination Programs
    PEI and Ontario have invited candidates through their PNPs
    Study: Canadians are more supportive of immigration than ever
    A study has found that 70% of Canadians support increased immigration
    How to submit your Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) 2022 immigration application
    Two grandchildren greeting their grandparents at the door during the holidays
    Immigration may help Canada lower interest rates
    man placing small toy airplanes on stacks of coins
    Express Entry CRS score drops to 496
    Canada has held its ninth all-program Express Entry draw since July
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    Immigrants make up largest share of Canada’s population in over 150 years
    Staying in Canada after graduation with a PGWP
    a group of international students holding diplomas and smiling together
    IRCC: PGP 2022 immigration lottery has been completed
    little girl smiling with her grandparents
    Travelling to Canada with a criminal record for hunting season
    How Indian students are changing the educational demographic of Canada
    Student reading on the floor of the library in between two bookshelves
    How Canada is modernizing the submission system for spousal and common-law partner sponsorship programs
    man and woman standing together smiling while woman looks at computer on table
    Toronto to hold election for mayor and city council
    The traits of Canada’s most successful immigrants—Study
    Woman standing in front of high-rise buildings in Vancouver. This year Canada will welcome over 400,000 immigrants.
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    How to maximize your Express Entry CRS score if you’re aged 30 or over
    Canadian immigration application with pencil on left side and maple leaf on right side
    IRCC aims to grant citizenship to 300,000 people this fiscal year
    IRCC plans to welcome 300,000 new citizens this fiscal year
    Canadian work permits for athletes
    Quebec and British Columbia issue invitations for provincial immigration
    Quebec and BC held draws for provincial immigration this week
    Canada’s immigration backlog remains at 2.6 million people
    IRCC's backlog of applications is holding steady at 2.6 million
    Canada commits to attracting and retaining more international students
    Group of multi-ethnic students smiling and taking a selfie. By 2023 Canada expects to have welcomed 750,000+ international students
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