Internet and phone services are becoming more affordable across Canada

According to the latest version of Canada’s Price Comparison Study of Telecom Services, prices for both wireless and home internet services declined across Canada in 2022.

More specifically, according to a recent government press release, “Canada’s wireless prices declined by an average of 2.6% across all levels [last year], with declines up to 16% for the largest data plans in 2022. [Home internet prices either remained stable or declined, with] an 11% decline recorded for mid-range plans.”

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This coincides with a larger trend revealed through Statistics Canada’s Consumer Price Index data, which showcases that “prices for cellular services [have] declined almost 30% from 2019 to 2022.”

Affordability is key for newcomers to Canada

Put simply, this recent data suggests that telecom services are becoming increasingly affordable across the country. While affordability is beneficial for all Canadians, this development is particularly positive for newcomers to Canada.

According to a Century Initiative study, data from 2018 shows that the median income for immigrants after five years in Canada was $7,300 less than the median income of all Canadians. In addition, in 2019, Canadian immigrants reported a median wage that was 18% lower than Canadian-born workers.

Accordingly, because they tend to initially earn less income than the average Canadian, it is especially vital that newcomers are provided access to affordable goods and services. This is because, from telecom services to groceries and everything in between, price consciousness and affordability of common goods and services are paramount for Canadian immigrants, as this will allow them to live comfortable lives as they become acclimated to life in a new country.

Decreasing telecom prices is a positive development for the newest Canadians

With respect to telecom prices in particular, immigrants to Canada will benefit greatly from this decrease in cost.

This is because, whether using the internet to find work or calling friends or family – both locally and abroad – using their cellphones, Canadian immigrants need to utilize these services for many reasons.

For instance, the use of the internet to access social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is prevalent among newcomers to Canada. In fact, according to a 2022 survey of Canadian immigrants, nearly half of the respondents (42%) said social media was their primary source of news. Additionally, the same survey revealed that 31% of respondents who utilized social media did so through “six or more platforms.”

Specifically, Canadian immigrants use social media for reasons that include the following:

  • Seeking employment opportunities on platforms like LinkedIn
  • Connecting with other newcomers and finding events in their local community through sites such as Facebook
  • Learning about Canada and embracing Canadian culture through videos and media on YouTube or TikTok

Greater affordability of telecom services, therefore, will make it easier for immigrants to take advantage of online tools like social media as they look to build careers in Canada and create/maintain friendships and social connections with new people in this country as well as those they may have left behind in their country of origin.

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