Introducing SAIT’s new Global Student Ambassador Program

When pursuing higher education, students benefit greatly from being able to reach out to other people for help.

This is because navigating the post-secondary education system – from program options and tuition to accommodation and campus life – can be complex.

This journey becomes significantly easier for those who have resources available to aid them with their questions and concerns, especially true for international students who must move to a different country (sometimes even a new continent) as well as navigate not only a foreign education system but also a new culture and more elements of a new country that are often very different from their home.

At times like this, while it is beneficial for international students to have faculty, administrators and other resources available to them, platforms like SAIT’s Global Student Ambassador Program provide prospective international students with access to current SAIT students who have been through this very same transition themselves.

These current students can be a vital resource for prospective newcomers looking to learn more about everything SAIT has to offer.

Read on to learn more about this new initiative from SAIT.

Connect with a student ambassador at SAIT today

What is the Global Student Ambassador Program?

The Global Student Ambassador Program at SAIT, facilitated through The Ambassador Platform, allows prospective international students to connect with student ambassadors online. This platform gives SAIT’s global student ambassadors the ability to share their experiences with prospective students in many ways, including through a peer-to-peer chat function.

Additionally, the Global Student Ambassador Program allows ambassadors to create and share user-generated content, from videos to pictures and more, giving users a way to learn about campus life. Through the Global Student Ambassador Program, ambassadors can also share anecdotes and daily highlights about student life at SAIT, as well as cultural practices, hobbies, food, interests and more.

What are the benefits of SAIT’s Global Student Ambassador Program?

The foremost benefit of this new program is that it provides prospective students with an honest look into life at SAIT through the eyes of someone who has previously been in their shoes.

Whereas students considering enrollment at a particular college or university are often confronted by traditional marketing content aimed simply at convincing them to enroll, there is something uniquely authentic about the content and advice provided by SAIT’s global student ambassadors.

Having previously been in the same position as the prospective students engaging with their content, SAIT’s global student ambassadors can offer trustworthy, first-hand user-generated content. This is because SAIT’s student ambassadors are genuinely keen on helping the next wave of Canadian international students experience a smooth transition to life at this school.

In other words, with an ambassador’s honest help, students considering an education at SAIT can make more confident and informed decisions about their future.

Connect with a student ambassador at SAIT today

What do student ambassadors do?

Prospective students want to know what to expect before they make a long-term – often three or more years – commitment to studying at a particular educational institution, especially one located in a foreign country.

To this end, interactions with another student (in this case, an ambassador) who has shared in the international student experience can be very meaningful for prospective students.

This is because the perspectives offered by student ambassadors provide value that is unattainable through written words on a website and different from what can be gained from interacting with school administrators.

Student ambassadors, although they have unique responsibilities that will be outlined below, work in collaboration with a team of professional regional recruiters. This is because the main responsibility of an ambassador is to connect with prospective students through organic content and advice based on their own experiences.

Note: Ambassadors are not responsible for advising or providing any specific information related to immigration, study permit applications . If you need support or have questions about applying to SAIT, contact a regional recruitment advisor for more information

Tasked with providing input that is different from that which can be obtained online or through other resources, SAIT student ambassadors mainly support prospective students as they make an educated decision on where to pursue their education. This is accomplished as ambassadors share their own personal journey and experience related to specific steps in the student journey, including best practices, tips, and dos/don’ts with other incoming students to Canada.

By answering questions from prospective students and creating other forms of user-generated content, SAIT’s student ambassadors provide their unique, first-hand experience to those on the other end of this program. In doing so, and therefore providing help in ways that only other people with shared experiences can, SAIT’s student ambassadors are ideally positioned to help prospects navigate their decision-making process once they have decided to inquire or apply at SAIT.

Connect with a student ambassador at SAIT today

Another benefit of SAIT’s Global Student Ambassador Program is the diversity of its ambassador group. In other words, because SAIT’s group of student ambassadors includes current students from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and lived experiences, prospective students can feel more confident they will be able to find an ambassador who is well-equipped to help them navigate their transition to international student life at this school.

Specifically, SAIT’s student ambassadors are well-equipped to communicate with prospective students in multiple languages. This is because the school’s current group of ambassadors hails from a variety of countries including:

  • Thailand
  • Mongolia
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Colombia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Jordan

Ambassadors from Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean will soon be added to SAIT’s Global Student Ambassador Program.

Here are three specific ways that student ambassadors engage with prospective students through this kind of ambassador program:

1. Connect with an Ambassador:

Online chats, facilitated between a Student Ambassador and platform users through SAIT’s website, allow student ambassadors to connect with prospective students across the globe and maintain a consistent flow of conversation. They also make it easier to keep an open channel of communication.

For instance, on SAIT’s Global Student Ambassador Program webpage, prospects can search and contact the ambassador of their choice based on their nationality, interests, hobbies and program of study.

2. Conducting virtual tours:

Virtual tours can allow student ambassadors the opportunity to showcase, and prospective international students the chance to learn about, campus life at SAIT through a unique perspective.

3. Staying in touch with prospective students before, during and after enrollment:

Because a Global Student Ambassador Program allows users to maintain a consistent flow of communication online, prospective students who connect with an ambassador can talk to them on their own time and do so from anywhere in the world.

This means that users will have constant access to an ambassador who can help them with questions and concerns they have related to many topics outside of their application and enrollment.

Connect with a student ambassador at SAIT today

Connect with one of our current international student ambassadors from your home country.

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