Immigrating to Canada? Here’s Everything You Need to Prepare for your CELPIP Test

Published: December 18, 2023

Accelerate starter features more than 5 hours of free videos, quizzes, and practice questions to help you get ready for CELPIP, and become comfortable with the format of the test.

If you’re applying for your Canadian citizenship, or for permanent residency through Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), or another pathway, the CELPIP Test is the Canadian choice for your journey to Canada, and is officially recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

We know that while your English proficiency test can be challenging, our CELPIP experts have created a wide range of free and paid resources to help you put together a CELPIP preparation routine to help you achieve your score goals.

With these tools, you’ll learn about each of the skills covered by the CELPIP Test, and the best strategies for each component to help you build your confidence. With our free webinars, free practice tests, and additional paid study materials, you will find the CELPIP prep you need to help you on your journey to live and work in Canada.

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Free Practice Tests:

Each test taker can access free practice tests, built to help you prepare for the CELPIP test, familiarize yourself with the format of the test, and help you identify what portions of the test require additional study. The two complete practice tests available to test takers also include instant results for the reading and listening sections of the CELPIP Test, and provide you with approximate CELPIP level scores. The practice tests also include sample test responses from real CELPIP test takers, showing key performance levels. If you are looking for more practice, additional practice tests can be purchased in our online store.

CELPIP Podcast:

To help test takers who want to prepare for the CELPIP Test on the go, the CELPIP Podcast features 25 episodes, and covers preparation strategies, tips, experiences from real CELPIP test takers, and more. The Official CELPIP Podcast is streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as on the CELPIP website.

CELPIP Webinars and Livestreams:

Each of our webinars is available as a live session every month, hosted by CELPIP experts every month, and as recorded session on our YouTube channel. Our live webinars are available to international and North American time zones, and give you a chance to have your questions answered. In addition, we also host livestreams every other week, where we discuss preparation tips, test day strategies, and more for anyone preparing for the CELPIP Test.

  • CELPIP Speaking Pro – With interactive lessons from our team of CELPIP Experts, the Speaking Pro sessions will help you to perform to your best on the speaking components of the CELPIP Test. Speaking Pro features key details about what our raters listen for in CELPIP speaking responses, and provides participants with sample response and analysis from past test takers. One of our most popular webinars, this is split into two sessions, and is available monthly, with past sessions posted on our YouTube channel.
  • CELPIP Listening Pro – With this interactive webinar, you will learn about the listening component of CELPIP, gain valuable tips and strategies for answering the listening questions, and get helpful ideas for building a practice routine for your listening skills.
  • CELPIP Writing Pro – Focused on the writing component of the CELPIP Test, this session gives you insight into how best to prepare, including helpful tips and strategies.
  • CELPIP Reading Pro – Learn about the format of the reading sections for the CELPIP test, and gain strategies for answering questions along with helpful skills to help you practice.
  • CELPIP Live – Every other week we host CELPIP Live, a YouTube livestream that gives you a chance to learn about specific tasks on the CELPIP tests, strategies for how to prepare, how to take notes during your exam, what to listen for, and more, along with the chance to meet and chat with other CELPIP Test Takers and our CELPIP experts.

Watch our Webinars on YouTube

CELPIP Accelerate:

Available to all test takers who create a free CELPIP account, Accelerate Starter is a free online study program to help you get ready for your test. Accelerate starter features more than 5 hours of free videos, quizzes, and practice questions to help you get ready for CELPIP, and become comfortable with the format of the test.

CELPIP Study Tips:

Hosted by our CELPIP experts, our study tips series includes strategies and advice that will help you create your own study routine that you can follow each day, building a personalized preparation program that you can follow to suite your needs, goals, and schedule.

For a complete list of all the free resources available to our CELPIP test takers, visit our website, where you will also find stories from other CELPIP test takers, helpful guides, frequently asked questions from test takers, and more.

Preparation Resources for CELPIP

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