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Asheesh is a Content Writer at CIC News and CanadaVisa.

Originally with a background producing for radio and social media, Asheesh joined CIC News and CanadaVisa with the same passion to deliver value-add content to audiences, and serve them through media at the highest level possible.

Having additional experience in copywriting for entertainment content; Asheesh's educational background is in Communications and Psychology - two fields he makes use of every day in trying to create content with the target audience constantly in mind. With a passion for creating in photo, video, audio, and graphic design mediums; Asheesh thrives on being the best learner possible and helping distill complex information into simple, beautiful, valuable content across the board.

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Looking to gain Canadian permanent residence? Here are tools to increase your French language ability
A man sitting at a desk with a small French flag and laptop.
New language tests now accepted for Canada’s Student Direct Stream
A group of university students sit on the ground with laptops and books.
Canada’s work permit pathways for dependent children of age
A group of people hiking through a trail in a Canadian forrest.
How immigration and multiculturalism helped shape Trudeau’s new cabinet
A picture of cliffs in Nova Scotia.
Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Prince Edward Island hold provincial nomination draws this week
People rafting down the Jacques Cartier river.
How to navigate the rising cost of living in Canada
A phone screen showing a "paid" icon, with several bills in the background.
Canada’s commitment to reuniting families and keeping them together
Express Entry: Canada holds first-ever category-based selection for trades occupations
Chairs overlooking Halifax harbour.
What is the right amount of immigration for Canada?
Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba hold provincial immigration draws this week
A picture of a park in British Columbia.
Who is Marc Miller? A profile of Canada’s new immigration minister
A photo of Canada's parliament building in Ottawa.
Ontario, British Columbia, PEI, and Manitoba invite candidates in this week’s PNP draw results
Garden in Victoria, BC,
How to request your Canadian immigration GCMS notes
A hammer and gavel placed above a laptop.
Tools for finding your first home as a newcomer to Canada
Housing in Canada
What settlement services can newcomers access when they arrive in Canada?
A group of people sitting in a ciricle together. Canada's settlement services are key to ensuring newcomers are prepared and enabled to live their best lives in the country.
Where can I move in Canada and still be connected to a big city?
Map of Canada. The second largest country in the world, remoteness can be a concern for some.
Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba hold PNP draws, this week
PNP nomination results for March 17th to 25th, 2023.
Where are new Canadian citizens coming from?
A multi-ethnic group of people swearing the oath during their Canadian citizenship ceremony
How do Canadians celebrate Holi?
A large group of people celebrating Holi in the street. Indians represent the largest source country for new immigrants and citizens to and from Canada.
The top jobs for international students in Canada
A student looking at a posting board at their university. International students can now work an unlimited number of hours in Canada, until the end of 2023.
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