Riley Cohen
Chief Executive officer of CanadaVisa.
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Riley Cohen is Chief Executive officer of CanadaVisa. He manages CanadaVisa's online platforms, including and

Since 1994, CanadaVisa has provided reliable information to individuals worldwide on moving and immigrating to Canada. CanadaVisa represents the online presence of Cohen Immigration Law, a prominent Canadian law firm where Riley also serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Since he began working at the firm in 2020, he has greatly advanced the company’s initiatives and contributed to its growth by leveraging his background in technology. Under his leadership, CanadaVisa delivers quality content with high user engagement, solidifying its position as a leading resource for Canadian immigration news and information.

Originally from Montreal, Riley is a graduate of Duke University where he studied Computer Science. His academic background, coupled with his experience in immigration law, positions him to spearhead CanadaVisa’s mission of empowering newcomers along their journey, by providing them access to reliable and digestible information, advice, and services.

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