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    Poll shows more people than ever want to immigrate to Canada
    A new poll shows that more people would like to immigrate to Canada than ever.
    Buying a home in Canada as a non-Canadian
    Temporary residents may still be able to purchase a home in Canada.
    Provinces working to make it easier for internationally educated nurses to work in Canada
    Ontario and British Columbia are taking steps to attract and retain internationally educated nurses.
    Are you already a Canadian citizen?
    Can I leave Canada and still be eligible for Canadian citizenship?
    Application for Canadian citizenship
    Celebrating Christmas in Canada
    Canada has several Christmas traditions that everyone can enjoy
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    Is your parent a Canadian citizen? Submit your Proof of Citizenship application 
    Family with Canadian flag
    More newcomers are choosing to settle long-term in Atlantic Canada
    Newcomers who immigrate to Canada through the Atlantic Immigration Program are more likely to stay in the province of arrival
    Canadian employment up by 10,000 jobs in November 2022: Labour Force Survey
    Canadian flag in foreground wit building and forest behind it
    Five Canadian cities among the top 100 best cities to live in
    Five Canadian cities are among the best places to live in the world
    How to become eligible for Canadian citizenship
    Canadian family
    Understanding the need for Proof of Citizenship in Canada
    woman in hijab holding a small Canadian flag
    Immigrants make up largest share of Canada’s population in over 150 years
    Toronto to hold election for mayor and city council
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    How to get proof of Canadian citizenship
    Children born abroad to Canadian parents may be entitled to proof of citizenship
    Who can become Canadian with proof of citizenship?
    Person holding Canada flag on coast.
    New Canadians now pledging allegiance to King Charles in Oath of Citizenship
    Charles, Prince of Wales in Jersey on 18 July 2012.
    The benefits of getting a Canadian passport
    A Canadian passport allows you to travel to 185 countries without a visa
    How long do you need to stay in Canada to get citizenship?
    Canadian flag waving in the wind
    How Muslims in Canada are celebrating Eid ul-Adha
    Muslim family eating together
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