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    Statistics Canada forecasts population growth of 21 million thanks to immigration
    A group of people celebrating Canada Day on the streets of Toronto
    Newcomers who came to Canada in second year of COVID-19 pandemic had better median entry wages than pre-pandemic: Statistics Canada
    Young happy executive manager holding business meeting with her coworkers in the office and looking at camera
    Immigrant employment rate in Canada rose in 2023
    Human resource manager shaking hands with male candidate during job interview in the office
    Immigration fuels Canada’s highest population growth since 1957
    Toronto skyline under construction
    Canada’s unemployment rate rises as November sees equal employment gains and losses
    A multi-ethnic group of people brainstorming on a project. Canada's November LFS shows yet more persistent labour shortages.
    The Provincial Nominee Program: Do newcomers stay in their province of landing?
    Newfoundland and Labrador
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    Does international student enrolment impact domestic students in Canada?
    A group of students smiling at the camera. International student and domestic student enrolment in Canada have a positive relationship.
    How much do families in Canada spend on children?
    Two children smiling in front of a school building. Canadians spend a varying amount on child expenses, depending on family composition and province of residence. Read on to learn more
    Canada’s green tech industry hiring boom could provide significant employment opportunities for immigrants
    Gender wage gap study shows some improvement for immigrant women in Canada
    Immigrant women in low income positions are shrinking their gender wage gap.
    Canadian immigrants more likely to report a strong sense of belonging in Ontario and Atlantic Canada: Report
    red chair on hill outlooking a body of water
    The trends of immigrant employment in Canada
    Parental education and income have positive effect on educational attainment of childhood immigrants
    Graduation celebration with family
    Canada’s non-permanent resident population is 2.2 million people
    Statistics Canada has released new data on the number of NPRs.
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    Statistics Canada: Nearly 60% of Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals employed in their field of study in Canada
    Healthcare professionals speak in a hospital corridor.
    Study: Canada home to almost 1 million temporary residents
    Average hourly wages in Canada continue to rise for both salaried and hourly employees
    According to recently released data from Statistics Canada (StatsCan), both salaried and hourly employees in Canada saw their average hourly wages rise in February 2023.
    Where can I move in Canada and still be connected to a big city?
    Map of Canada. The second largest country in the world, remoteness can be a concern for some.
    How Canadians are celebrating Passover
    passover seder plate
    How immigration helped Canada set a new population growth record in 2022
    Scenic Views on Icefields Parkway Between Banff National Park and Jasper in Alberta, Canada
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