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Canadian Manufacturer Concerned That Foreign Workers Paid for Jobs

Maple Leaf Foods is holding back its program at its Brandon, Manitoba plant to bring in workers from China, after it was revealed that 61 workers had paid fees of $10000 to the immigration consultant hired by the company. Facing acute shortages of workers in Canada, Maple Leaf Foods has long recruited from abroad to […]


Immigration Tribunals Slowed by Vacancies

According to a former chairman of the organization, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is being hampered significantly by a high number of vacancies. There are currently 41 vacancies on the 156 member board. The IRB is an independent administrative tribunal responsible with providing judgements on immigration cases. The bulk of the IRB’s […]


2006 in the Rear-view Mirror: A Record Year for Canadian Immigration

As we set our sights on the year ahead, both federal and provincial officials are announcing that in 2006 the number of people coming to Canada reached an all-time high. Canada accepted 262 000 permanent residents and refugees in the past year, and thousands more temporary foreign workers. Immigration officials expect these numbers to continue […]


David Cohen’s Blog: Charles Darwin on Canadian Immigration

Some 150 years ago Charles Darwin coined the term “natural selection” in his book entitled “The Origin of Species”. Simply put, the theory of natural selection can be described as a biological process, by which individual organisms with favorable traits (characteristics) are more likely to survive and reproduce (succeed) than those with unfavorable traits. While […]


Nova Scotia Creates New Stream for Immigrant Applications

The province of Nova Scotia unveiled on Tuesday the Family Business Worker stream of applicants for the Provincial Nomination Program. The program will allow immigrants with family members who will provide them with jobs in family businesses to come to Canada more easily. Under the Provincial Nomination Program, provincial governments can select immigrants that meet […]


Pilot Program to Extend Off-Campus Work Permits to More Students

The Honourable Monte Solberg, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced this month a plan to extend Off-Campus work permits for foreign students to students at private institutions. The Off-Campus Work Permit program is currently only available to students at publicly funded universities and colleges that choose to participate in the program. Without these […]


Citizenship and Immigration Canada to Refund Advance-Paid Fees

Upon request, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will provide a full refund to those who have provided advance payment for Right of Landing fees with parent or grandparent sponsorship applications. The Right of Landing fee is not required until a visa is actually issued. The concern however is that the individuals seeking to sponsor their […]