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Immigrating to Canada as a “Business Immigrant” under the “Self-Employed” category

Farmers wanting to immigrate to Canada can do so under Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) Business Immigration Program under the Self-Employed category. This category is open only to individuals with prior self-employed experience as farmers, athletes (at an international level), or artisans. To qualify under the Self-Employed category, an applicant must demonstrate an intention and […]


In some parts of the world it’s still dangerous to come out of the closet

Toronto Pride Week’s theme “fearless in 2006”, serves as a reminder to some Canadian refugees that in many parts of the world, being gay means the difference between life and death. Canada inarguably has one of the world’s most progressive positions on civil liberties and it, along with a handful of other nations (Belgium, the […]


Latest Canadian immigration news

New fairness commissioner would make regulatory bodies accountable for how they treat immigrants New legislation would have Ontario’s 34 regulated professions face scrutiny by a new ‘fairness commissioner’, ensuring their admission procedures are clear, open and fair to all. Edmonton wants federal government to streamline immigration A survey by Manpower Inc. found that Edmonton’s net […]


David Cohen’s Blog: Missing the Point

In a recent speech, Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended the need to keep Canadian borders open against calls that immigration was breeding terrorism in Canada. As if we have a choice. Read Full Blog on…


David Cohen’s Blog: Respect Your Elders

Apparently “respect your elders” is a proverb that officials at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) have never heard. While Canadian citizens and permanent residents have little problem gaining status for their spouses and children, there is an increasing backlog of parents and grandparents hoping to reunite with their family members. A 2005 promise by the […]


Canada – a nation of immigrants

Canada welcomes more immigrants per capita than any other immigrant-receiving nation in the world. Last year, Canada received over 260,000 newcomers and newly-appointed Immigration Minister Monte Solberg has expressed his desire to “see the numbers stay about where they are right now”. Demographically, Canada is being re-shaped by immigration. Assuming no changes occur to the […]


Ontario will invest $14 million into programs that will help foreign-trained professionals

Ontario’s Immigration minister Mike Colle says the “career bridging” program will benefit more than 3,000 newly-landed Canadian immigrants. The money is set to be invested into 24 “bridge training” programs that will directly help thousands of foreign-skilled professionals in regulated and unregulated professions over the course of three years. “These programs are the most pragmatic […]