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    Will a gap year impact my chances for acceptance at a Canadian school?
    A young lady smiles at the camera with a lake in the background.
    IRCC sets cap on the number of study permit applications it will consider in 2024
    A row of new graduates at a convocation ceremony. IRCC sets another limit on international student applications in 2024.
    How provinces, schools, and others are responding to IRCC’s cap on international students
    A deer looking straight ahead, infront of the winter treeline.
    Provinces introducing measures to improve integrity of post-secondary education for international students
    Ontario and B.C. are taking steps to strengthen the integrity of their international student programs.
    New IRCC measures will verify international students’ letters of acceptance
    Two people sit at a desk and contemplate an LOA. Canada has instituted a new verification system for LOAs.
    Number of study permits processed for Indian students has fallen, applicants from elsewhere are making up the difference
    Indian students
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    Study: A decline in temporary migration could hurt Canada’s economy
    A photo of Canada's parliament building in Ottawa.
    Tuition hikes and other changes coming for international students in Quebec
    Panoramic view of Chateau Frontenac surrounded by greenery in Old Quebec, Canada at sunrise
    Answering common questions about education in Canada for your children
    school kids sitting on the stairs
    Newcomers to Canada: What will education look like for my children?
    Kids going into school
    Federal Court rules that tuition does not need to be paid for study permit applications
    Piggy bank for education
    International students still need quarantine plan at Canada border
    University student, studying
    Canadian universities to return to in-person classes this fall
    University professor wearing protective face mask while holding a class to group of students during coronavirus pandemic.
    Why study in Canada?
    Student holding books
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    Canada now more popular than the U.S. as a study abroad destination
    Canada now more popular than U.S. as a study destination
    Canada among top ‘safe and stable’ countries for international students
    Canada one of the safest countries for international students
    Canadian schools reopening to international students
    Some schools may now accept international students
    Canada will accept incomplete study permit and PGWP applications
    Canada announces major study and work visa change for fall 2020
    Canada’s study-work-immigrate advantage
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