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    Can I travel outside Canada after submitting my citizenship application? 
    Family with large Canadian flag celebration in mountains
    What you need to know before moving to Prince Edward Island
    What you need to know before moving to Alberta
    Calgary skyline
    Avoiding misrepresentation in your Canadian immigration application
    A man looking dejected in front of a laptop. Misrepresentation can be a serious offence and leave people inadmissible for immigration to Canada.
    How to immigrate to Canada as an engineer
    An engineer holding a Canadian flag as he looks forward into the sky.
    Which province in Canada has the lowest tax rates?
    A calculator rests on top of Canadian money, on a table.
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    Biometrics 101 for Canadian immigration: What you need to know
    Canada’s Chief International Talent Officer, and the new commitment to skills immigration
    A snapshot of Peggy's Cove and lighthouse in Nova Scotia. IRCC will hire a new official in the near future: the Chief International Talent Officer.
    Report: Canada’s immigration levels will need to rise in the future
    A sign marking the Canadian border. Canada's immigration levels may soon need to rise.
    Canada releases 2022 Annual Report on Express Entry
    Children playing together in colourful natural park on autumn day
    Most popular options to come to Canada from the United Arab Emirates
    Multicultural business team putting their hands together in the middle of a circle while standing and smiling
    Maximising your time in the Express Entry Pool
    A man working in front of a laptop while looking at satisfied and content.
    IRCC announces update to Parents and Grandparents Program 2023
    Parents and grandparents
    British Columbia and Manitoba nominate candidates in latest round of PNP draws
    Tofino on Vancouver Island.
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    How immigration and multiculturalism helped shape Trudeau’s new cabinet
    A picture of cliffs in Nova Scotia.
    Canada’s commitment to reuniting families and keeping them together
    What is the right amount of immigration for Canada?
    Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba hold provincial immigration draws this week
    A picture of a park in British Columbia.
    I missed Canada’s H1-B Holder Open Work Permit application window. What are my options?
    Tech worker sits at computer
    Most popular ways to immigrate to Canada from Pakistan
    Pakistan flag
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