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    Canada is still processing visas for Indian nationals
    Parliament buildings in Ottawa
    Prepare for IELTS by learning English in Canada
    What are my financial aid options as an international student in Canada?
    female student with backpack and paperwork holding one thumb up
    Staying in Canada after graduation with a PGWP
    a group of international students holding diplomas and smiling together
    Canada to allow international students to work off-campus over 20 hours per week
    Canada is extending its covid-19 travel restrictions until October 31.
    IRCC officials discuss study permit backlog and new recommendations at CBIE symposium
    IRCC is dealing with a surge in study permit applications
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    Survey: International students choose Canada for its reputation as a safe and inclusive country
    Canada issued PR to 88,000 PGWP holders in 2021
    Will Canada remain appealing to immigrants after the pandemic?
    Canada's appeal to newcomers
    Coronavirus: IRCC updates for international students
    Canada announces major study and work visa change for fall 2020
    642,000 international students: Canada now ranks 3rd globally in foreign student attraction
    How Canadian schools are responding to the growing numbers of international students
    Canada’s study-work-immigrate advantage
    Canada Now More Popular than the UK among International Undergraduates
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