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Open a world of opportunity with IELTS
This section of CIC News is sponsored by IELTS. CIC News and CanadaVisa.com are proud to partner with IELTS, the world’s most popular English language test, to offer support and guidance during these unprecedented times and get your new life in Canada started right.
What is IELTS

IELTS stands for International English Language Test, a test that’s designed to help you work, study or migrate to an English-speaking country.

If you’re thinking of moving to Canada and require proof of English language ability, IELTS is the test for you. It’s the world’s most popular English language test for higher education and global migration and covers the skills you need to make it in an English-speaking environment.

IELTS offers the choice to take your test on paper or on a computer, and our Speaking section takes place face-to-face with a qualified IELTS Examiner to best reflect and recreate natural conversation. Both IELTS on paper and computer are approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada (IRCC)

IELTS is recognised by over 11,000 organisations worldwide, in 140 countries
IELTS results are accepted by over 800 institutions in Canada
100% of Canada’s universities and colleges accept IELTS scores
We have over 1,600 locations globally, and over 150 test centres across Canada
Why take IELTS?

If you’re looking to work, study or live in Canada, then you must be able to demonstrate a high level of English language ability. The Canadian government uses IELTS to process visa and immigration applications. In fact, IELTS was the first English language test to be recognised by the Canadian authorities.

Being able to communicate in the language of the country you’re moving to has a wide range of benefits. It’s also essential for job prospects as well as integration into the community.

An IELTS test gives you an accurate indication of your language abilities and can lead to wonderful opportunities for people who want to start a life abroad.

To support test takers on their journeys, we also provide a range of helpful preparation materials.

"IELTS gave me more confidence when applying for university."
— Tang Shaonan, Shanghai, China
Choosing the right test
There are two IELTS tests available – IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. The test you choose should be based on what it is you want to do.
IELTS Academic
This test measures whether your level of English language proficiency is suitable for an academic environment. It reflects aspects of academic language and evaluates whether you’re ready to begin training or studying. Take IELTS Academic if you are applying for higher education or professional registration.
IELTS General Training
This test measures English language proficiency in a practical, everyday context. The tasks and tests reflect both workplace and social situations. Take IELTS General Training if you are applying for Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Program or study below degree level.

Both tests are available to be taken on paper or on computer and are taken at official IELTS test centres. IRCC accepts both paper and computer IELTS.

It is recommended to always visit the relevant government and university websites to confirm which test is required and other entry requirements.

Choose how you take your IELTS test
You can choose IELTS on computer or paper for your Academic or General Training test. The only difference is you can type or write your answers for the Listening, Reading and Writing sections of your test.
IELTS on computer
IELTS on paper
Your preparation The same
The test content
Scoring the test
Security measures
Your Test Report Form
The Listening, Reading and Writing sections You’ll type your answers on a computer You’ll write your answers on paper
The Speaking section Face-to-face with an examiner
Results available Within 3-5 days 13 days after your test
For more information
To find out more about the support IELTS offers to people who are thinking about living, studying or working in Canada, then visit our website where you’ll find more information on our tests, how they work and how to choose the right test for you.
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