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    IRCC’s Citizenship to Passport Pilot streamlines passport process for new Canadians
    Canadian flag
    Applying for Canadian citizenship if you were born outside of Canada
    Woman with Canadian flag
    IRCC provides update on impact of labour disruption
    Toronto hosts its ninth annual Newcomer Day
    King Charles’ coronation: What is the role of the monarchy in Canada?
    Canada and Britain have a long and historic relationship, as well as sharing a monarchy.
    Strike impacting Canada’s immigration system has ended
    The Federal Government and PSAC have reached an agreement and ended a strike impacting IRCC.
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    How does the PSAC strike affect me during tax season?
    Woman doing her taxes
    Canadian immigration: What we know about the strike so far
    IRCC has shared information on how the PSAC strike will impact services.
    Canadian immigration services to be disrupted as 155,000 federal government employees go on strike
    IRCC services will be disrupted until the PSAC strike is resolved.
    The Proof of Canadian Citizenship application process
    Father and daughter wrapped in large Canadian flag
    Are you already a Canadian citizen?
    Can I leave Canada and still be eligible for Canadian citizenship?
    Application for Canadian citizenship
    IRCC has processed all-time high 4.8 million applications in 2022
    IRCC has processed 4.8 million applications so far in 2022.
    Over 90% of Canada’s population are citizens
    A woman in the woods with a Canadian flag on her back. Over 90% of the Canadian population are naturally born citizens.
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    Understanding the need for Proof of Citizenship in Canada
    woman in hijab holding a small Canadian flag
    Toronto to hold election for mayor and city council
    IRCC aims to grant citizenship to 300,000 people this fiscal year
    IRCC plans to welcome 300,000 new citizens this fiscal year
    Canada’s immigration backlog remains at 2.6 million people
    IRCC's backlog of applications is holding steady at 2.6 million
    How to get proof of Canadian citizenship
    Children born abroad to Canadian parents may be entitled to proof of citizenship
    Who can become Canadian with proof of citizenship?
    Person holding Canada flag on coast.
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