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    What are police clearances certificates for Canadian immigration?
    Travelling to Canada with a criminal record for hunting season
    How to return to Canada after being asked to leave
    If you have been asked to leave Canada, you may be able to obtain an ARC
    Can I enter Canada if I have a criminal record, but I’m a performing artist?
    artist on stage
    Common offenses that make people inadmissible to Canada
    Will Canadian border services officers ask about your criminal record?
    Canadian border
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    How a legal opinion letter can help you come to Canada with a criminal record
    The hand of a lawyer signing a legal opinion letter.
    Visiting Canada for a concert or music festival this summer? How to overcome your criminal record
    How to visit Canada this summer even if you have a criminal record
    Beach on Vancouver Island
    What to do if you have a DUI and want to enter Canada
    Visiting Canada in summer 2022? What you can do if you have a criminal record
    Will Blue Jays coach be able to come to Canada after DUI?
    How to work in Canada if you have a criminal record
    Canada is open to tourists again. Here’s how to avoid criminal inadmissibility issues at the border
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    Planning a trip to Canada in 2022? How you can overcome your criminal record
    Can I enter Canada with a criminal record?
    DUI: How to enter Canada if you have been convicted or charged
    Canada DUI entry
    Applying for Canadian permanent residence with a criminal record
    Alberta lake and mountain landscape
    Planning a winter vacation in Canada? What to do with a past criminal record
    Canadian winter landscape
    How to return to Canada after being ordered to leave
    Gaspe region in Canada
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