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    How long does it take for Canada to process visa applications from India?
    A picture of a Canadian visa
    How can I move to Canada from the U.S.?
    Canada and US Flags flying next to eachother
    Immigrate to Canada from the UAE
    Woman in a protective medical mask rides the subway, holds a smartphone in her hands and looks out the window where the giant skyscrapers of Dubai rise.
    How to immigrate to Canada from India
    How to immigrate to Canada from the U.S.
    Canada U.S. flags side by side
    Canada’s population growth rate falls to WWI levels in 2020
    Aerial view of people crossing the street
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    How to sponsor your spouse from Lebanon for Canadian immigration
    Lebanon countryside
    Canada expanding processing capacity to expedite family reunion
    The "Big Fiddle" near the Sydney, Nova Scotia, harbour.
    Canada accepts spousal or common-law sponsorship applications from out-of-status foreign nationals
    A couple holding hands under the sunset.
    How you can move to Canada from the U.S.
    Immigration options for U.S.
    Canadians see family reunification as biggest priority in 2020
    Canada still accepting spousal immigration applications despite coronavirus
    Pilot exempting certain family members from lifetime sponsorship ban now in effect
    Canada now issuing temporary resident permits to out-of-status victims of family violence
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    New pilot for family members previously excluded from Canada will ‘right that wrong,’ immigration minister says
    Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program opens briefly to expressions of interest
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