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    Housing Accelerator Fund: New housing in 10 Canadian cities
    Aerial view of residential neighbourhood in Montreal
    The 20 most livable cities in Canada for newcomers
    Victoria, British Columbia
    The most (and least) expensive cities for renters in Canada
    Toronto in winter
    Fall Economic Statement highlights strategy to increase the supply of affordable housing in Canada
    The Fall Economic Statement 2023 highlights Canada's need for affordable housing.
    How IRCC plans to support communities
    Trinity, Newfoundland
    More rental homes are going to be built in Toronto, says Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister
    Aerial view of family homes in residential neighbourhood showing trees changing color during fall season in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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    Finding accommodation and housing in Canada: A guide for international students
    Student in dorm
    Support for immigration in Canada has dropped since last year
    A new report from the Environics Institute has found that support for immigration has dropped in Canada.
    Canada’s Immigration Minister and Deputy Minister discuss top IRCC objectives
    Marc Miller has met with CIMM to discuss upcoming priorities.
    How do people in Canada spend their money?
    A man grabs two fistfuls of cash. Canadians in 2021 spent the most money on shelter.
    Mortgage 101 for New Canadians: Financing Your First Home (Part 2)
    Saving for your down payment is a significant step towards homeownership.
    Mortgage 101 for New Canadians: Understanding Mortgage Basics (Part 1)
    Fixed rate mortgages offer a consistent interest rate throughout the term, while variable rate mortgages have rates that fluctuate based on the prime rate of your lender.
    Report: First-time home buyers face affordability obstacles in Toronto
    Toronto skyline at night.
    Pivoting North: A Guide for U.S. Residents Looking to Move to Canada
    Canadian and American flags flying outside of a building
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    Is immigration causing Canada’s housing crisis?
    Planning to Study in Canada? A Checklist for International Students
    Once you have your acceptance letter, the next step is to apply for a study permit.
    Marc Miller: Canada’s immigration levels to remain steady or continue climbing
    Patriot woman sitting on an old wooden pier over mazarine color water of the Cultus Lake and holding up a Canadian flag
    Ontario caps rent increases below the rate of inflation
    Toronto harbourfront
    What are your rights as a tenant? How to rent your first home in Canada
    House with for rent sign
    How to rent your first apartment in Canada
    House with for rent sign
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