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    How to be considered for jobs in Canada while still in the Express Entry pool
    A person having an online interview with a recruiter
    How IRCC checks if your offer of employment is genuine
    Two people sitting at a table and shaking hands with each other.
    What you need to know before moving to Prince Edward Island
    Finding a job in Ontario
    An overview of the Toronto skyline. Ontario has one of the highest proportion of newcomers in its workforce—see how you can join and potentially immigrate to Canada's most populous province.
    Canada’s top employers in 2024
    A team takes a coffee break in their office building. Canada's list of top 100 employers has been unveiled, with many organisations from different industries placing strongly. Read on to learn more info for newcomers.
    What are the highest-paying IT jobs in Canada?
    IT jobs
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    British Columbia projects 1 million job openings in the next ten years
    British Columbia will add one million jobs to its workforce over the next ten years.
    Canada extending international student off-campus work hours policy until April 2024
    Group of multiethnic classmates in casual clothes smiling and analyzing data on netbook while gathering near table and working on project in university library
    Will Canada make its current international student off-campus work hours policy permanent?
    Portrait of a girl with a backpack and school supplies in the hallways of the university campus with her classmates in the background.
    How are immigrant women faring in Canada’s workforce?
    Immigrant women face some significant obstacles as they start new careers in Canada.
    Canada’s payroll employment increases, as strong hiring continues
    A woman standing outside of a business building with bag in hand. Payroll employment continues to increase in Canada, a good sign of increased hiring in the country.
    IRCC announces additional funding for Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot Program
    IRCC has announced funding for the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot Program
    Canada’s employment growth slows in January due to Omicron
    Sign on cafe window that reads, "temporarily CLOSED Covid-19".
    Canada added 55,000 jobs in December
    Office meeting where everyone is wearing surgical masks.
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    Canada’s employment remained steady in October
    Hiring during COVID
    Canada employment regains pre-pandemic levels in September
    Jobs in Prince Edward Island that are in demand due to COVID-19
    Peggy's Cove in Prince Edward Island
    New Brunswick jobs that are in demand due to COVID-19
    Beautiful New Brunswick scenery
    Some travellers to Canada can now apply for a work permit at a port of entry
    Travelling to Canada
    Canada recovers 90,000 jobs in August
    Business owner putting up "open" sign with COVID-19 safety warnings.
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