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    Provinces introducing measures to improve integrity of post-secondary education for international students
    Ontario and B.C. are taking steps to strengthen the integrity of their international student programs.
    More than one million people have a valid Canadian study permit
    A recent article from the Globe and Mail shows that there are more than one million people with a valid Canadian study permit.
    Canada may not see any new study permit applications until March 31, 2024
    In the Classroom Multi Ethnic Students Listening to a Lecturer and Writing in Notebooks.
    IRCC announces cap on admissions for international students
    IRCC is expected to announce a 35% reduction in international student admissions
    Support for immigration in Canada dropped in 2023
    Support for immigration in Canada was comparatively low in 2023.
    Canada’s immigration minister calls on provinces to “rein in” number of international students
    Immigration Minister Marc Millers says some provinces are not doing their part to limit the number of international students in Canada.
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    Newcomers to Canada are more likely to be in unaffordable housing situations
    Statistics Canada finds renting as a recent newcomer is less affordable.
    What to expect from Canadian immigration in 2024
    Sunset at Niagara Falls
    Canadian Parliament committee provides recommendations to address immigration backlogs
    CIMM has finalized a report on IRCC's application backlog
    IRCC invites Express Entry candidates in fourth draw of the week
    IRCC has issued ITAs in the latest Express Entry draw.
    IRCC to increase cost-of-living requirement for study permit applicants
    A group of students in a library look pose for a picture. Canada has recently made new changes to its international student program.
    IRCC invites 5,900 candidates in third Express Entry draw of the week
    IRCC has issued it's latest round of Express Entry invitations.
    Getting to know IRCC’s decision-making committees
    IRCC has complicated committee structure that helps makes departmental decisions.
    Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, and PEI invite candidates in latest provincial immigration draw results
    Five provinces have invited candidates in the most recent provincial immigration draws.
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    How does IRCC decide when to hold Express Entry draws?
    There are many possible reasons IRCC has not been holding Express Entry draws.
    How IRCC plans to support communities
    Trinity, Newfoundland
    IRCC says it’s working to realign application intake
    IRCC says it will evaluate the number of applications it will accept to better align with available spaces.
    Canada’s immigration ministers meet in Toronto; four provinces hold PNP draws
    Federal and Provincial immigration ministers have met to discuss their shared priorities
    Here is the Yeates immigration report shaping the future of IRCC
    Canadian government to conduct review of main immigration law
    IRCC says it will review main immigration law in Canada to remove barriers for newcomers.
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