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    IRCC ends flagpoling services for PGWP applicants
    International students are no longer eligible to apply for their PGWP at Canada's borders.
    Caregivers to be given permanent resident status on arrival under new pilot programs
    Portrait of a daughter holding her elderly father, sitting on a bed by a window in her father's room.
    IRCC increases number of permits it will process under temporary special measures for Palestinian extended family in Gaza
    IRCC has increased the number of TRV applications it will consider from family member's of Canadian citizens, currently in Gaza,
    Canada announces measures to help individuals impacted by the ongoing crises in Haiti
    A closeup of two people holding hands, with a field in the background.
    Canada’s immigration minister proposes new legislation for Canadian citizenship by descent
    Immigration Minister Marc Miller has introduced legislation to update Canada's citizenship laws.
    Canada celebrates Citizenship Week 2024
    Canada is marking its annual citizenship week.
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    Provincial and federal immigration ministers meet to discuss shared priorities
    Immigration ministers from all provinces and territories have met to discuss shared priorities.
    IRCC approves Manitoba’s request to extend work permits for some PNP candidates
    Some PNP candidates s in Manitoba will have their work permits extended.
    IRCC updates Start-up Visa and Self-Employed Persons programs to reduce backlogs and improve processing
    A businessman working from home.
    Deadline to apply for PGWP moves for students of college programs with public-private curriculum licensing agreement
    Some international graduates must apply for their PGWP before May 15 to remain eligible.
    Eight ways to show proof of financial sufficiency as an international student in Canada
    female student holding her diploma on graduation day and looking at camera.
    IRCC’s action plan to address the permanent residence application backlog
    CIC News has obtained IRCC's timeline to address recommendations from a recent OAG report on the backlog of PR applications.
    Immigration Minister imposes higher levels of family reunification on Quebec
    A photo of Canada's parliament building.
    Provinces introducing measures to improve integrity of post-secondary education for international students
    Ontario and B.C. are taking steps to strengthen the integrity of their international student programs.
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    More than one million people have a valid Canadian study permit
    A recent article from the Globe and Mail shows that there are more than one million people with a valid Canadian study permit.
    Canada may not see any new study permit applications until March 31, 2024
    In the Classroom Multi Ethnic Students Listening to a Lecturer and Writing in Notebooks.
    IRCC announces cap on admissions for international students
    IRCC is expected to announce a 35% reduction in international student admissions
    Support for immigration in Canada dropped in 2023
    Support for immigration in Canada was comparatively low in 2023.
    Canada’s immigration minister calls on provinces to “rein in” number of international students
    Immigration Minister Marc Millers says some provinces are not doing their part to limit the number of international students in Canada.
    Newcomers to Canada are more likely to be in unaffordable housing situations
    Statistics Canada finds renting as a recent newcomer is less affordable.
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