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    Canada announces new investments in settlement services for immigrants
    Girl getting counselling help
    What settlement services can newcomers access when they arrive in Canada?
    A group of people sitting in a ciricle together. Canada's settlement services are key to ensuring newcomers are prepared and enabled to live their best lives in the country.
    IRCC launches public survey on improving immigration system
    man on laptop
    How immigration helped Canada set a new population growth record in 2022
    Scenic Views on Icefields Parkway Between Banff National Park and Jasper in Alberta, Canada
    Getting a Canadian driver’s license as a newly landed immigrant
    car driving in the winter on a snowy road, tree up ahead in background
    Where are new Canadian citizens coming from?
    A multi-ethnic group of people swearing the oath during their Canadian citizenship ceremony
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    Protecting against phone banking/money scams as a Canadian immigration applicant
    Fake Text message SMS scam or phishing concept
    Is this Canadian immigration website legitimate?
    girl sitting on her couch with legs crossed browsing on her computer/laptop
    IRCC invites Canadians to directly influence future immigration policies and programs
    Canadian parliament building in Ottawa
    IRCC unveils the top 10 source countries of new immigrants to Canada in 2022
    Person standing near body of water close to the coast of the ocean; waving a Canadian flag
    Canada extends work permits for Hong Kong residents
    Immigration minister Sean Fraser has announced additional support for Hong Kong residents living in Canada.
    Canada set to announce the latest Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025
    IRCC will announce the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025 in the coming weeks
    Will Canada welcome over 500,000 new immigrants per year?
    Hong Kong immigration to Canada is booming
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    How Canada landed 405,000 new immigrants in 2021
    Canadian Rockies in the winter.
    Immigrant children become more educated and higher paid than Canadian average: study
    Canada breaks all-time immigration record by landing 401,000 immigrants in 2021
    Canada breaks 401K record immigration
    Nearly 40,000 immigrants welcomed by Canada in July 2021
    Canada july 2021 immigration data
    Immigrants and international students grew Canada’s population in Q1 2021
    Illustration of group of people wearing COVID masks
    COVID-19 screening pilot project launched at Canada’s largest airport
    International traveller
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