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    Where in Canada can I settle: applicants selected by province or territory vs by the federal government
    From front to back the flags represent British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brusnwick, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario provinces.
    Making Toronto home: A newcomer’s guide to life in Canada’s largest city
    The three most and least expensive major cities in Canada by cost of basic needs heading into 2024
    overhead image of two hands being used to count coins
    Which province in Canada has the lowest tax rates?
    A calculator rests on top of Canadian money, on a table.
    Experts are telling Canadian residents to expect warmer winters in some parts of the country this year
    Fresh snow on a cold and sunny winter day. Winter landscape. Sun rays reflecting on the snow.
    Housing Accelerator Fund: New housing in 10 Canadian cities
    Aerial view of residential neighbourhood in Montreal
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    The 20 most livable cities in Canada for newcomers
    Victoria, British Columbia
    The most (and least) expensive cities for renters in Canada
    Toronto in winter
    The Provincial Nominee Program: Do newcomers stay in their province of landing?
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    How will Canada’s provincial economies perform over the next year?
    A row of provincial flags blowing majestically in the wind, with the national flag at the forefront
    How do people in Canada spend their money?
    A man grabs two fistfuls of cash. Canadians in 2021 spent the most money on shelter.
    Low unemployment and high participation rate indicate persistent job vacancies in Canada
    Two people sitting at a desk in an office building.
    Discover autumn in Canada: A newcomers’ guide to foliage and festivities
    Banff in autumn
    Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Quebec, and PEI nominate candidates for provincial immigration this week
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    What is the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?
    Manitoba's esplanade riel
    Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island issue invitations for provincial nomination
    Four provinces have issued invitations for provincial nomination this week
    Understanding the basics of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs
    Canadian flag and flags for each Canadian province
    Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan issue invitations under Provincial Nominee Programs
    Four provinces have invited candidates to apply for provincial nomination
    Why does Quebec have its own immigration policy?
    A picture of Quebec lakeside
    What is the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program?
    Saskatchewan flag
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