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    What jobs are eligible for simplified LMIA processing in Quebec?
    The parliament of Quebec, in Quebec city
    Study: A decline in temporary migration could hurt Canada’s economy
    A photo of Canada's parliament building in Ottawa.
    Canada extends special measures to help employers hire more temporary foreign workers
    A group of professionals sit at a low-table discussing business plans.
    Canada launches fast-track work permit program in the Philippines
    IRCC application backlog slowly shrinking despite higher number of applications
    Colourful autumn leaves on a country road.
    Work permit options for TV and film productions in Canada
    Tv production
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    Median hourly wage updated for 2023 Temporary Foreign Worker Program
    worker in Canada
    Quebec releases 2023 list of jobs eligible for simplified LMIAs
    Business colleagues having a meeting in a boardroom
    How can TV and Film workers work in Canada?
    person operating tv/film camera
    How to come to Quebec as a skilled worker
    Canadian and Quebec flag
    IRCC extends policy that allows visitors to obtain work permits if they have valid job offers
    Visitors in Canada may be able to apply for a work permit if they have a valid job offer.
    What are my rights as a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada?
    A person in an airport walking with a rolling bag. Canada welcomes thousands of foreign workers to the country every year.
    Sunwing says holiday travel disruptions caused by rejection of an LMIA
    Sunwing airlines did not have enough pilots to fly pre-sold flights over the holiday season.
    Study: International students face unique disadvantage when trying to become permanent residents in Canada
    Group of international students standing and smiling together holding flags for different countries - Japan, USA, Turkey, Germany
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    Comparing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program against the International Mobility Program
    two businessmen shaking hands with canadian flag in the background
    Canadian immigration options for U.S. visa holders
    There are several options for H-1B visa holders to immigrate to Canada
    Canada introduces strengthened protections for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
    Canada's TFWs now have strengthened protections
    What is the Temporary Foreign Worker Program?
    Shaking hands in front of a Canadian flag
    How to get a work permit as a TV and Film Production worker
    Camera man
    Alberta to create more film and TV jobs
    Director viewing monitor on film set.
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