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    How long does it take for Canada to process visa applications from India?
    A picture of a Canadian visa
    I’m coming to Canada on a TRV. Can I bring my family with me?
    A happy family of three relaxing in the lounge and being playful together
    Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) 101: What you need to know if you want to visit Canada
    Vancouver skyline
    Can I travel back to my home country after submitting my electronic Application for Permanent Residence through Express Entry?
    Commercial airplane with Canada flag on the tail and fuselage landing or taking off from the airport with blue cloudy sky in the background
    What will the Parents and Grandparents Program look like in 2023?
    daughter hugging her mom
    Working and immigrating under Canada’s Free Trade Agreements
    A number of countries flags flowing in the wind. Canada has free trade agreements with 51 different countries.
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    Canada commits to attracting and retaining more international students
    Group of multi-ethnic students smiling and taking a selfie. By 2023 Canada expects to have welcomed 750,000+ international students
    IRCC asks travellers to resubmit visitor visa application if sent before September 7
    Travel bag
    Amateur athletes exempt from Canada’s COVID-19 travel restrictions
    Boxer punches punching bag during training
    Canada extends online processing of temporary visas, eTAs, adds exemptions
    TRV eTA Online processing
    Staying in Canada after losing your job
    Temporary Resident Visa refusals on the rise, says new report
    Coming to Canada to hunt or fish this summer? Learn the facts about criminal inadmissibility
    Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen
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    IRCC expands Visa Application Centre network in China
    IRCC has expanded its Visa Application Network to 12
    Canada Enforces Visa Requirement on Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda
    Canada Reveals Plan to Boost Tourism Numbers
    Canada Lifts Visa Requirement for Eligible Romanians, Bulgarians, and Brazilians
    The tail of an Air Canada Rouge airplane, showing a maple leaf
    Government to Allow Certain Graduates to Re-Submit Post-Graduation Work Permit Applications
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