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New Quebec Regulations

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The principal changes to the “Regulation respecting the selection of foreign nationals”, which was adopted on May 2, 2001, came in effect on September 17, 2001. Major changes are affecting the point system, the factors and criteria of the selection grid.

In summary, there will be a higher number of points awarded to certain types of diplomas, less points will be awarded to the following discretionary factors “Personal Qualities” et “Motivation”, more points will be awarded according to candidate in relation to the age factor. For now on, points will be awarded to candidates aged between 20 to 45 years. Other changes can also be found in the new selection grid.

For more information concerning all the changes on the selection grid, please consult our Website at the following URL:

In regard to the EPM Factor (Employability and Professional Mobility), points were adjusted and changes were made in order to respect the changes made in the new selection grid for skilled workers. In addition, a new selection factor was added. A candidate, will now obtain a maximum of 11 extra points depending on certain characteristics of his spouse (education, work experience, age and knowledge of French).

For more information concerning the changes affecting the EPM, please consult our Website at the following URL: