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Woman drops $1,000,000 lawsuit against immigration officer

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A 40-year-old Guyanese woman, who had an affair with a Canadian immigration officer and then sued him for $1 million CDN in damages, dropped the case against her former lover after claiming the case was making her suicidal.

The woman, identified only as Jane Doe because of a media ban, had claimed that the immigration officer, John Doe, forced her to have a sexual relationship with him in exchange for deporting her abusive ex-husband to Guyana in 2002, a claim which was denied by the officer.

Justice Blenus Wright called the case “a total waste of the court’s time” and expressed joy at the request. “In my 14 years as a judge, I have never had a case so devoid of merit and without any credibility,” Canada Press reports quoted Wright as saying. “There are so many conflicts in her evidence that it is obvious why a judge wouldn’t believe her.”