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Canadians approve of immigration

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A Gallup poll was commissioned recently by The Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) regarding Canada ‘s attitude towards immigration. The census reveals Canadians as “more open” to the idea of immigration than many other immigrant-receiving nations.

The census data also shed light on international perspectives regarding immigration. Where Canadians feel that immigration is a positive “nation-building” exercise, their American and British Counterparts feel less so. In fact, 58% of Americans, and 60% of Britons polled by Gallup have said that they would want to see their immigration levels decrease. Canada on the other hand sees immigration as the only way to quell its declining population and labour shortages.

Another question asked in the survey was if immigration was “good for the economy”. Once again, Canadian responded positively with over 60% polled saying that they thought it was a good thing for the country’s economic forecast. Canada isn’t alone in believing this either . Both Australia and New Zealand feel that their economies, respectively, will benefit from newly-landed immigrants.