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Canada’s growth will depend solely on immigration by 2017

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Statistics Canada (StatsCan) conducts a national census poll every five years. In the last census conducted in 2001, there were 30,007,094 people living in Canada, about 1.2 million more than there were in 1996. However, the Canadian birth rate remains anemic and the growth of the population hinges on immigration, says StatsCan.

“I can’t give an opinion on the results of the next [2006] census but we certainly expect to number more than 32 million Canadians,” said Richard Barnabe, deputy chief statistician for Statistics Canada. The national census collects and evaluates information such as demographics, birth rate, ethnic origin, maternal language, life expectancy, health and income. The information helps government shape future policy and programs including immigration.

“More and more, the role of immigration is important,” Barnabe told reporters. “According to our projections, growth will depend solely on the contribution of immigration by about 2015-2017,” Barnabe said.